22 First mate(1)

After leaving Lougetown, Lex and his crew came to the Red line, a ship belonging to a royal family had its perks, the Marines let them through and they arrived in South Blue.

Lex was standing on the deck and took a deep breath,"Finally I'm in the South Blue", Lex looked towards the commander and said,"On to Karate island at full speed".

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*A few miles away*

An extremely tall man, with a white hair and beard and a black mustache.

He was well dressed, wearing a suit with a yellow pin of the World Government symbol on the right side of his chest... He was Jerry an agent of cipher pol 6 [CP6]

Jerry was holding a Den Den Mushi and a white transponder snail was attrached to it,he talked to the other person," The target is in sight, what are your orders?"

From the other side a voice of an old person could be heard,"Your orders are to simply observe and determine his power and threat level to the government ,do not contact the target under any circumstance that is all"...*kacha*

*3 days later*

Lex was becoming impatient he had spent the last three days in his cabin he was bored,Lex called the commander," How long till Karate island?",the commander saw that Lex was getting bored staying in his cabin all day,"Sir it's still a few days journey,if you wouldn't mind sir we would love to hear your story with the red haired Pirates, it may increase the morale of the crew also"

Lex pondered his suggestion and nodded

A few minutes later the commander gathered the crew on the deck and said that the captain would share his journey with the Red haired Pirates

The crew got excited and everyone were eager to hear Lex, all of them started chugging rum and started making a ruckus.

Just then *boom* Lex produced a sonic boom, which made the ruckus stop, Lex walked to the front and stood infront of his crew

"Now now settle down, I haven't started yet,and before I start let me warn you, if any of you ever repeat what I'm saying here to anyone...."

Lex started smiling and everyone gulped as they knew what he meant.

Lex saw the atmosphere change and sighed,"Let me tell you this, in case anyone of you are don't know, I was a Pirate with the Red haired Pirates, and I have learnt so much from them,we made a deal... anyway I'm not with them anymore. So the story I'm about to tell you is about how I found my first mate".



Abord the main ship of the Red Haired Pirates, Lex was testing out his powers he snapped his fingers and then proceeded to punch a crew member, the crewman started screaming in pain but the odd thing was that he was not audible, infact there was no voice coming from him

"Experiment no.189 Successful I can now fully control the volume of sound"

One crewman sighed and talked to his friends,"There he goes again, using us as lab rats, man that kid is a monster, last month he experimented on me,he changed my voice into a women so every time i spoke like a Diva".

As the crewman where bi*ching about Lex, a man at the watch tower sounded the alarm, there was a small dinghy floating around and inside a frail old man, the crewman helped the old man out of the boat and treated him.

The old man woke up after a few minutes and as soon as he saw Jolly Roger he started shaking in fear and started mumbling but contrary to what should have happened he went in front of the biggest man he could find and started begging,"Oh great Red haired Pirates please help me, i want to avenge my villagers".

Benn Beckman was standing in the corner watching the situation he walked towards the old man,the crew making way for him,"Old man calm down and tell us what happened".

The old man seeing that everyone was respecting him knew that he was an important figure and so be narrated his experience...

A pirate named Zefer had attacked the old man's Island and killed everyone on it,he barely survived and escaped on the dinghy

After he finished his story, Lex got up and went to Benn Beckman,"If i may, I'll personally go and retrieve his head"

Beckman starred at Lex,"Zefer is a notorious Pirate, he has a bounty of more than 100,000,000 Belly, you think you can handle such a man?"

Lex smiled and looked at Beckman,"Vice captain you underestimate me,no matter I'll take those two with me",Lex pointed at two mob characters.

Beckman nodded but he was still suspicious of Lex.

Lex took the old man and the two mob characters and told them to hold on to him tightly

Before the old man could ask Lex used devil fruit and sound vibrations within in his feet made Lex levitate,the old man was shocked to seeing how he could fly but when he saw the others they had a nonchalant look, then Lex concentrated for a sec and *boom* with a supersonic speed Lex used his legs like rocket and flew on top of the water and headed towards the island.

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