26 First Bounty

*Karate island*

As Lex and Rollo made their way towards ship they the strolled towards the town square where a martial arts tournament was taking place

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"Well since we are here already let's recruit able fighters" Rollo just nodded.

Suddenly a two kids who came up to Lex, the older of the two a young boy wearing rags and no footwear, he looked Pale as if he was starving for days

The younger kid, a girl looked even worse she was having trouble breathing and looked exhausted she was covered with a blanket and panting heavily.

The boy grabbed Lex's dress and yanked it to get his attention.

Lex looked at the boy,"What do you want?".

The boy in a sickly voice said,"Please sir, could you spare some money, my sister is sick and we haven't had any food for days".

Lex looked at the duo and took his wallet in his hand, the kid was overjoyed by this but then suddenly *Swish* sound of a blade resounded in the square, the young boy couldn't comprehend what had happened, he looked towards his sister and *Arghhh* a loud screech piecred the silence, beside him laid his sister still not being able to move and blood oozing out of her heart.

The boy held his sister in his arms and started crying and he looked at Lex with anger in his eyes,"You..you what have you done, why..?"

Lex took his wallet and threw it at the boy,"This is a dog world kid and survival is the key,she was a burden and i took that away from you. Someday you might thank me.

Take this money and when you are strong enough come at me and avenge your sister's death, the name's Lex"

The sickly boy was stunned and filled with Rage and without a clear mind rushed to grab Lex's sword but Rollo stepped in between and kicked the kid away.

Lex tapped Rollo's should and they turned around to left.

The boy grabbed his stomach and looked at Lex's back and swore that he would avenge his sister's death.

Lex and Rollo left and the onlookers made way for them,"So Rollo do you disagree with what i just did?"

"It makes no difference to me it's like you said it's the survival of the fittest here... but i didn't know you'd be this cold hearted Captain".

" Whatever my mood is ruined let's just go to a hotel we'll try recruiting tomorrow"

The reason Lex killed the girl was because she was suffering immensely and Lex had used his powers and found out that the girl had a small hole in her heart and given the medical technology in this era she would have less than 5% chance of surviving the year end.And what he said to the kid was also correct.

So Lex didn't refute Rollo's comments.m

*The next day*

Lex and Rollo came out of the hotel and went to the town square.

On their way Lex observed a strange phenomenon the people seemed to run away from them as soon as they saw even started screaming when they saw.

'That's odd' is what Lex thought

Then when one of the runners threw a paper at Lex and ran away.

Lex saw the headline and was shocked.



'Psycho Prince Leximus (Lex)'


Only Alive


Lex was shocked by this development,he did expect the world government to put a bounty on him but not this high and certainly not 'Only Alive'.

Lex cursed,"Damn this will disrupt my plan".

Lex took out a Den Den Mushi and contacted Tanya

*purururupurpu... kacha*

"Tanya it's me, change of plans come directly to Karate island right now".

"Ok Captain" Tanya acknowledged and hung up.

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