3 East Blue

"It's been two days since I've recovered and now with my maid Gerta I'm going to the royal library and hopefully get all the information"*sigh* thought Lex

"Lord has been acting very strange after his incident,he wants to actually study something and he even didn't punish me for dropping the food the other day and that laugh yesterday, thinking about it makes me have goosebumps"*sigh*thought Gerta

*Half a day later*

Lex was sitting on and analysing his current situation,"Ok, I've got it, I'm currently in the East blue that's a relief, it's also not that far from Foosha island,and according to the time line I'm 3yrs older than Luffy so the main Cannon should be in about 15 years plenty of time. My older brother Maximus is 4 years older and is currently studying in a world government associated school for nobles in the North blue. And my father Charles the current king of Camenealia is currently ill and might not recover that easily so the nobles are taking charge in his place,he has also eaten a Zoan type fruit Eagle-Eagle no mi and has the power and agility of an eagle."

"First thing now is to meet my father and ask him send me a trainer, I have to get strong in these 15 yrs and find a world class devil fruit *sigh* I can leave that for later"thought Lex as he made his way to his father's chamber

"Father,how is your health"bowed Lex.Openingone eye open the king,"My dear boy how are you I heard about your incident"Lex got up and,"I'm perfectly fine father, the doctor said there's nothing to worry about". "Hmm so do you want something?" enquired the king.Lex knelt on one knee and spoke with his head down"Yes father I would like to train my body and become the strongest there ever was in this country and to achieve that I want to request you to appoint me a teacher". The king was surprised as this was the first time his aloof son actually asked for something useful and not a toy,"Ho, this is interesting ok then you can wait in your room the teacher will come tomorrow, you can go now". The prince bowed and left to his room.

*Next day*

*Knock Knock*,"Come in" said Lex, the man came in dressed in the uniform of the royal guards and knelt and said,"Prince Lex I'm your new teacher and I'm going to train you for the coming years,my name is Cougar I'm the captain of the royal guards",said the man.Lex was a little a disappointed as he thought he was going to receive some training from someone famous or someone mentioned in the cannon and he asked,"So cougar are you even qualified to teach me?"

The man stood up and in a blink of a eye he was behind Lex with his finger poking at Lex's back and he asked,"Prince is my qualification enough now?"Lex was sweating profusely he couldn't analysis what had happened one minute he was in front and the next behind him,and he had a sudden realisation that this world was not all happy and merry as he thought,he could die at any time.

Lex turned and bowed,"Please take me as your disciple teacher". This astonished Cougar as the high and mighty second prince only bowed before his father and he even didn't do it to his brother the crown prince,he had heard from the maid how after his incident he had changed but couldn't believe it until now.

The captain turned and asked Lex what he wanted to learn,Lex reply was simply"Everything". Captain nodded "Alright we will start from today, first we shall built up your stamina and then we will see what happens"Lex nodded eagerly and went to the training ground.

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