10 Droopy Pirates

*Royal Palace*

Lex comes inside the royal palace and goes into his father's room and kneels,"My king I have eradicated the tumours from the country and here is your medallion",Lex put forth the medallion to his father

"Hmm.... I see much darkness.You can not become the king,but I don't think you ever wanted to become one.

You are still young, but from what I've seen,you seem to know what you are doing so I shall let it be....for now" The king took back his medallion and went back to bed.

Lex came back to his room,"Man that old man has some insight it's scary, it's a shame that I had to give back his medallion I could've had more fun *sigh*".

Lex slumped and went back to sleep

What Lex didn't know was that because of this incident today all the people on this island feared him,even his own men.

*One year later*

"It's been a year since the noble execution incident and well unintentionally the pirates were scared away and trade with them has reduced *sigh* if only I could find a golden goose". Sighed Lex

*Boom Boom*

Two cannon hit from the shore and destroyed a house,Lex was irritated upon seeing this,"Tsk, I'm in a bad mood and you people are testing me".

"Gahahaha this island is claimed by me, Captain Droopy and my pirates,all of bring me your money".

Lex saw this dirty pirate with a stump for a leg,Lex laughed,"Oye before I kill you,leave my island".

Droopy scoffed,"Kid go back home to your mommy before I spank you silly!" The Droopy pirates all started to laugh and his first mate snorted,"Kid this is captain Droopy of the 'Droppy Pirates', he has a bounty of 14,000,000 belly,so you better go back and suck your mom's ti haha".

A vein poped on Lex's forehead and without realising he used Haoshoku haki and all the people surrounding him fell unconscious even his own men,only Droopy and Captain Cougar were still standing but were panting,"Ho! you are still awake I'm surprised" mocked Lex

"You little shit! What did you do? I'll cut you up", Droopy ran up to Lex.

Lex turned to Cougar and gave him a look, Cougar ran from behind and intersected Droopy.

"You are strong but can you handle this?",Droopy opened his mouth and blew into Cougar's face and the next moment Cougar started puking and fell down convulsing, seeing this Lex was surprised.

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"Gehahaha this is my devil fruit 'Breath Breath no mi',people who breath in my air will puke and fall unconscious, now you little shit you die".

"I'm really surprised to meet a Devil fruit owner in the East Blue but you really are a dumbass,aren't you?"

Lex moved forward with his fist pushing towards Droopy's face, Droopy laughed and stood in his position opening his mouth and blew a huge Breath but contrary to his reason Lex ran at a speed he couldn't perceive and punched his face and knocked his lights out.

"You really are a dumbass who yells out loud the weakness of one's power while fighting. Fool didn't understand that I simply had to hold my breath

*sigh* I can't believe there are such weaklings here,looks like I have to wait until I enter the grand line.

But there is another issue here did he seriously just come here without asking around about the island or is my name not spread around like I thought it was.

Whatever I'll just ask him when he wakes up but he'll surely be surprised"Lex took out a sea stone handcuffs and cuffed Droopy and took him away to the dungeon

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