14 Devil fruit

*One year later*

Lex was sitting in his study and infront of him on this desk were various fruits with different shapes and sizes with was scribbled with swirl lines on them...they were devil fruits.

"The deal with Doflamingo has been going smooth, because of his influence,

the nation has become a hub for all sorts of illegal activities and the pirates presence has been larger than ever before, with the help of Doflamingo's connections I've been able to smuggle in many Devil fruits from all over the world but most of them are useless so I've sold them,well that's a given he wouldn't really tell people to give me something good but nonetheless I've been able to get some good ones to after I gave a few 'donations' to a few,after all it's every man for himself,if the price is right".

Lex looked earnestly at the devil fruits in front of him "These are the 5 best fruits I have, 2 Logia, 2

paramecia and 1 Zoan. *sigh* although they are good but they aren't useful to me"

*Knock knock*

Just then someone knocked on the door

"Come in" said Lex.

The door opened and captain Cougar came through and bowed,"My prince the king has requested your presence in the throne room".

Lex was surprised as his father was ill and rarely came out of bed and never once in these past years had he come out onto the throne room,"Did something happen? Why is my Father out of bed?".

Cougar was flustered and said,"Nothing bad has happened My Prince, I am here to escort you".

Lex was suspicious but nodded,"Alright lead the way".

As they entered the throne room,they saw a teenager standing with high quality royal dress standing in front the king. The king sitting on the throne and what attracted everyones attention was that instead of feet the king had yellow claw with four long toes and black nails.

Lex went in front of the throne and knelt down with his head down.

"Rise"said the King.

Lex stood and gave a glance at the boy standing next to him,his face showed a slight disgust and anger towards Lex, his face was familiar but he couldn't quite pinpoint him.

The boy spoke,"Father I was gone for a while and this nation has turned into a haven for those bastards Pirates, do you know how much bad reputation and scorn I've been getting at my school?".

Then it hit Lex,it was his brother, Maximus (Max) the First Prince.It was the first time seeing him since he came here to this world.Maxhad gone out to study in the North blue so he did not recognise him

Lex looked towards the king and talked,"My king for what reason have you requested my presences?".

Before the king could reply Max interrupted,"Yes Father why have you called this traitor?".

Lex was surprised he never thought his own brother would call him a traitor, he was not angry as he barely knew him.

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Max continued,"Father you should exile him for what he did to all those nobles , he took advantage of when you were not well and me not being in the country,I know he is blood and it would ruin our reputation of family if we imprison or execute him so we should just exile him".

This statement utterly stunned him, Lex got angry and was about to hit him when the king in a strong and commanding voice said,"Enough Max,you are the future king you need to behave more dignified and don't worry about the things what Lex has done I have eyes and ears everywhere, everytime so you don't have to worry about me and whatever Lex did was under my authority".

Lex was pondering about his Father's statement,"So he can see and hear everything is it...Hentai!".

Look on Max's face was hilarious he did not see this coming, he looked at Lex with hatred and scoffed.

The king continued,"The reason I called is for this".The king took out a chest and opened it and a Sky Blue Mango fruit with green leaf,with swirl lines and both the brothers thought the same thing 'A devil fruit'.

"When Lex first used his Haoshoku haki I understood that you'd need some help, I know you have some devil fruits of your on but I got this one from a friend of mine he owed me a favour but even he doesn't know what powers it contains anyway,here this is for you",He pushed the fruit towards Lex

Lex was surprised he didn't know that his old man had such good contacts that he'd get him a devil fruit for free and more so that he knew about haki,"What is this man ,he is soo mysterious and how powerful is he,if he knows about haki them surely he can use it".

Max turned aghast he didn't know what this Haoshoku Haki was but he knew about devil fruits and greed started showing in his eyes,"Father you can't be seriously thinking about giving him a devil fruit,I am gou your Frist born I need it so I can rule our kingdom that little brat can't possibly be worth it".

"No this is for Lex,you can't control a devil fruit yet you have to become more powerful" answered the king.

Max was angry,"But father I am the crown prince!".

Lex was attracted to this devil fruit for him the mystery was interesting, even if it turned out to be dud he wanted it.

Lex interjected,"Father if I may".

Lex turned towards Max and took out a devil fruit from his bag which the captain had

"Brother we don't know what power that fruit has it could be good but majority are useless

Brother this fruit being Logia is substantially low as you know Logia is the best among them,so I have a proposal I will take that fruit and you can have this".

Lex handed a white Apple fruit with red leaves and swirl lines,"This is the ' nectar nectar' no mi, a Logia fruit with the power of nectar it's one of the best".

Lex smirked and gave it to Max Lex bought it in a black market auction ,he totally hated him right now and this was his revenge even if Max consumed it later when Lex learnt Haki he would definitely Pummel him.

Max didn't care if it was good or bad with the sight of a Logia fruit he grabbed it and bit it before his father could warn him,Max gagged but didn't puke,"It's soo disgusting".

King looked at him with a disdain look,"Fool" and threw the chest to Lex and said then to leave.

The brothers bowed and exited.

Max looked at Lex and talked"Hehe Brother I loathe you but you've made me happy, this time so I'll let you off but be aware I'm still the crown prince".

Lex just nodded and left he was more interested in the mysterious fruit.

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