6 Deal

The women walked up to Lex and extended her hand"Hello my name is Adele Dawkins the owner of this humble establishment, would you like to come into my office and talk".

Lex sized her up nodded following her into her office with the captain, after a while everything returned to normal inside the bar.

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*Adele's office*

Adele's office was simple enough,a table and few chairs facing each other,one thing that caught Lex's eye was a stack of wanted posters on top of a drawer bedside the table

"So second prince Lex,what can this humble citizen do for you?"Adele said with an condescending tone."Show some respect to your prince you bit*h"shouted the captain."It's fine Captain I don't mind"said Lex and stopped the captain

Adele had a hard time believing that the guy in front of her was the prince,as nobles are usually full of themselves and this kid in front of her changed her notion of the elite and she couldn't see through him.

"So Adele how much do you pay the city gaurds?"asked Lex,this surprised Adele she did not expect the young prince to ask her this,"Well not much but I give enough to get things done"said Adele nonchalantly.Lex stopped smiling and turned serious"How would you like Those gaurds gone from here forever?" asked Lex.Both Adele and the captain were shocked at this point,"What is the prince saying did he strike his head somewhere, is he forsaking safety of the city?"thought the captain.

"What is this kid want,if he's willing to go out of his way to help me then he must want something big"thought Adele.

Adele took a sip of water and talked"Well prince it would save a lot of bribe money but I can't help but feel that you want something big in return", to this Lex smirked and said"Well it isn't that big I just want continuous and on time information about any and all pirates arriving in your bar and any dirt you have on them",Adele looked at him with a complicated face"My prince you aren't you asking me to willingly hand over my customers to you?My business and reputation will certainly go down" .

Lex folded his hands and said,"No you don't have to worry no one will interfere or arrest any person in your bar but when they leave this bar and do commit a crime they would only wish they'd be arrested"laughed Lex evilly

"My Prince I'm sorry I every doubted you, with this the city will get these crooks on time"weeped captain with tears of joy.

"You do have an interesting offer prince but let me think about it"said Adele, without giving her a chance to think the prince added,"Ofcourse you'll be exempt from paying taxes and full immunity",Adele jumped from her chair and grabbed Lex's hands and started shaking it "Deal prince I'll accept this deal". Lex smiled and got up"Good then I'll keep one of my men undercover here and you can contact me through him , it's time for me to leave oh and by the way if you have or get any dirt on nobles give them ASAP"said Lex waving goodbye as he left

Adele was alone in her office with her thoughts wondering if this was a new era for

Lex and his bodyguards walked back to the castle thinking about his next steps,"It's not enough to just have information, I need to act and for that I need power which only can be given by father....for now"*sigh* Lex was not yet strong to defy a strong opponent

When he returned to the castle the first thing he did was enter his father's chamber, he knelt down"Father I have returned from the city"

The king coughed looked his way,"Stand up and tell me what did you see,what did you experience"

Lex stood straight and looked right into the king's eyes"Father I was appalled by what I saw,the discrimination and the injustice suffered by our citizen is too much,but I controlled myself".The king looked him straight and a smirk crept up his face"Yes, I know you did well in not admonishing the Count".Lex was surprised he was sure that no one had talked to his father about that situation before"It must be his Devil fruit ability. Damn I need to watch out from him"thought Lex.

"So what are you going to do about it?"asked the king. This is what Lex had been waiting for,"Father if you give me the authority I will server justice on your behalf"bowed Lex. King took something out of his drawer and threw it at Lex,"Catch".

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