8 Clearing the thrash(2)

*Throne Room*

The throne room is a huge hall filled with the best decoration found, two double doors about 20ft tall open to the throne the floor is made of marble and the windows are silver framed and the back of the room is fitted in the most throne made up of gold

On the right side of the throne stand the nobility on a step bedside each other and on the other side the bureaucrats standing down

Everyone in the room started whispering in slow voice as to the reason to why they've be summoned here when suddenly the announcer at the top of his voice announced,"Bow down all to 'Leximus Vi Denman' first of his name,the Second Prince of Camenealia"

As soon as it was announced all the nobles and bureaucrats knelt down and Lex entered, Lex saw the people and smirked he didn't say anything just stood there in front of the throne, he stood there for 5 minutes and the people kept kneeling and started sweating when with a loud voice Lex said,"All rise"

The people in the room especially the nobility couldn't help but curse him in their minds.

"Hmph, who does this brat think he is making us kneel for so long, he's not even the crown prince,I'll teach him a lesson someday", thought of one the baron.

"Now then you must all be wondering what I called you here for, well... we'll get to that in a bit, first I'd like to announce something.

As you've probably figured out the kingdom is being friendly towards pirates and this is true, officially we cannot help them as we have to arrest them and hand them over to the world government,but unofficial the kingdom values them, more importantly values their trade so you people are to restrain yourselves from doing anything against them unless it's for your safety and, second and most important from today onwards your private army will cease to exist and they will be absorbed into the royal army and you can keep the bare minimum for your security".

*Boom* An explosion happened in the minds of the people present they could not fathom what they were being told, most of them were surprised most of them were angry but all of them feared that they could not have flex their muscles.

The crowds started voicing their concerns and demanded that he take back what he said, one them named Count Benson said,"My Prince I do not know what it is you are trying to achieve but we can't approve of this without the explicit orders from the king", everyone hearing this followed cue and started demanding for the king.

Lex just stood there staring at them like insects and took the medallion from his pocket and displayed it to the people, and they immediately knelt to the ground with a shocked expression on their faces as that was the kingdom medallion, displaying that the weilder has the same authority as the king.

Lex started laughing and exclaimed,"You pieces of thrash should know your place, my word is law and don't worry this will not be an inconvenience to some people,scums!"

The nobles were first startled at the young prince's attitude as this was the first time he had used any authority or else he would keep to himself and the way he said 'it would not be an inconvenience', meant that the situation was out of their control.

"Guards close the exit don't let anyone leave without my permission" said Lex in an authority way

The people in the hall were getting scared and agitated.

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"And now for the main event".

"Mr. Anderson,you are the head minister incharge of tax collection isn't that right?"Lex asked with an malicious face to Anderson

Anderson looked up and saw the prince with a face filled with maliciousness and excitement he said,"Yes sire, I'm incharge of tax collection what can I help you with?".

"3,000,000 belly" said Lex.

"Sire?"inquired Anderson

"That's the amount of money you've skimmed and not reported you scum!",said Lex.

Anderson was shaking from his head to toe he did not have the guts to talk back

Lex seeing this sneered,he went next to Anderson and *Swoosh* with a Swift cut from his blade cut off Anderson's left hand

Anderson started screaming and rolling on the floor with pain, people stood up and were visible scared as they saw this scene

The captain seeing this thought,"I did not think that my Prince would actually go to extreme lengths to protect his kingdom from these treacherous people.

From this day on I swear my undying loyalty to his prince *sniff sniff*".

"Oy if you don't stop screaming I'll cut off another arm"said Lex with a disgusted look.

"Now then, you disgusting lot have money which belongs to me and my family which I won't tolerate".

Seeing that Lex wouldn't leave them be and they had no room for escape ,the clever people (most of them bureaucrats and some were low nobles but none were high nobles) instantly started begging for their lives.

"It's good that you recognise who has the authority but sadly I can't let you off the hook...but tell you what since you've realised your mistake why don't you each cut any one of your limb(arm or feet) and I might consider letting most of you go, ofcourse this is only for those who begged"

The faces of these people were twisted they couldn't imagine what just transpired it was still a great shock to them, especially the people who did not beg as they couldn't imagine anything worse.

"My Prince isn't this enough playtime? All of us have some form of inconsistencies in money but to go such lengths I don't think the nobility here will stand for this"said Count Varys with a air of superiority,he was trying to keep a calm demeanor.

Seeing this man the captain had a stomach crunch as he remembered the scene of the girl being molested two years ago.

"Count Varys wait for your turn!"exclaimed Lex.

Lex then proceeded towards the people who were on their knees,"Now then you lot have you picked a useless limb?If not I'll choose one for you *HaHaHa*"Lex started laughing and slashed his way across the room and started cutting of limbs

Seeing such a scene few nobles fainted and some shit their pants and some puked, even the seasoned guards had a discomforting face. The people who got their limbs cut yelled because of their pain and asked for medics but no one paid attention as they were focused on Lex who at the moment was enjoying himself and his face spoke a thousand words and all the people thought of only thing in their minds,"We have a Psycho for a prince".

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