7 Clearing the thrash(1)

Lex caught a medallion the King threw at him.The medallion was pure gold with the symbol of kingdom etched in sliver and it also contained to Lex's surprise a seastone embedded in the middle.

"This is a symbol of my authority, with it no one will dare stop you in our nation,you mustn't loose it and serve them your justice"the king said in a mejestic voice.Lex bowed "Yes my king". the king closed his eyes and Lex left the room

Gripping the medallion Lex couldn't help but laugh out loud"Finally with this who will dare go against me HAHAH, I can let my desires run wild...but then again that old man's devil fruit is troubling looks like I can only take my pleasure in hunting the guilty' *sigh*for now"

Lex walked up to the training ground and continued his routine and after their training he called the maid over"Gerta I want you to bring me all the files relating to taxes collected and the expense occurred for the past 5 years and bring it into my study".

The maid was confused,"Lord I'm not sure I can bring you all that, it is in the hand of the court minister and I can't ask him to", just then Lex threw the medallion over to her"Just use this and then see why they won't let you have the documents"Lex smirked, Gerta meanwhile was shaking holding the medallion in her hanf, she was shocked to hold such high authority but she did not disobey her lord and brought back all the documents.

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* 2 years later*

"It's been boring these few years,my training continued and I can say with certainty that I can handle most people be it with swords, pistols or hand to hand combat,and the best part I can use haoshoku haki....well I can't control it.

And the country is peaceful, my men leave Adele and her pirate folks alone and with her information we target pirates with more than 5,000,000 beli,and we leave the rest alone but any reckless pirates who do not behave are killed without mercy, so the island has become famous/infamous as a pirates paradise and has become an asylum for pirates in the East Blue.

Because of this people of this nation have become prosperous with all the trade and my army has become stronger with all the fights with strong pirates.

This has not gone unnoticed by the world government and the navy had come to interfere but with a small 'donation' to the captain and his crew they seemed to forget about us.

And now with all of this done it's time to clean out the trash

The nobility has eroded the country, with my father sick he can't take any action *sigh* let's do this".

Lex yells and calls the captain and he comes in and knells and asks,"My prince is there anything you need?".

Lex smiles and says,"Call all the nobles and the bureaucrats to the throne room tomorrow" Captain was suprised but nodded.

"Finally it's been a long wait I can let loose a little" *Hahaha* Lex started laughing maniacally which scared the maid.

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