29 Bounty Reaction

iGarp contacted Sengoku and relaid Charles's message to him and also added that Charles didn't want any Celestial Dragons in his Kingdom, this was to thank his friend and also to screw with the haughty Celestial Dragons.


One of the Elders was in front of the Den Den Mushi hearing to Sengoku's report,"So basically we have to stay away from his Kingdom and his citizens and but allow Celestial Dragons to visit it and he'll stay away from us?"

Another Elder spoke up against this,"This can't happen first we can't stop Those Foolish Celestial Dragons if we say that a place is off limits they'd go over there in a sec, and second if we do that to a tiny affiliated country then our image infront of others will be ruined".

This argument went back and forth for an hour until they reached a conclusion,"Sengoku I don't like this but we'll agree to his terms but only because he has helped us in the past and we owe him a favour so remind him of that, and now about the bounty keep it at 100,000,000 belly and before you say anything Sengoku i know that his starting bounty is a bit high especially for the East Blue since they are considered as the weakest but we don't want to take any chances so capture him ASAP and also put out an 'Only Alive' tag, he hasn't done anything too bad yet.."

"Okay'' Sengoku grumbled cut the call.

Sengoku was sceptical, 'Those fools they say that putting an only Alive Bounty is a favour towards Charles but I know that they're just afraid of his Retaliation *hmpf*, bunch of Spineless cowards but I'm powerless to go against them *sigh* looks like the era of Pirates isn't over yet.."

*Present Time*

"...And that's why you have a 'Only Alive' Bounty.." Jerry was tired and just wanted to sleep.

"What the hell, Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom were under a same Pirate Group'Rocks' that's insane.

And Garp, Gol Rogers and My Father were united against them and won.. I can't believe it, my father is that powerful damn looks like i don't know anything about this World..." Lex cursed

Lex bent down and searched Jerry,"Oh what do we have here.. A white Den Den Mushi now that's very rare,Thank you Jerry I was wondering how to get my hands on one of these and now what do I do with you?"

Jerry was frightened," Prince you can Let me go, i won't say anything to the government I'll leave you alone and just write a bogus report so please..."

Lex made a scary grin," I don't think I can let you go but don't worry I won't kill you just yet..."

Jerry was scared shitless, before he could say anything Lex knocked him unconscious.

Lex looked at Tanya," Take him to the 'Doctor' he'll have some use for him".

Tanya nodded and teleported herself and Jerry and a minute later she came back.

"I've delivered him to the 'Doctor' he said he has something to show you", Tanya said grabbing a hold of Rollo and Lex.

Lex declined,"Not now, we are behind schedule I'll meet him later for now we're going to the kingdom of Alabasta".

Tanya nodded and they Teleported.

*East Blue*


Unbeknownst to Lex his Bounty made waves all over the world.

The kingdom of Camenealia the citizens were going to the regional World Government Office in a mob and raising their voice.

"Hey remove this Bounty from our Prince, he's a good guy you can't group him together with other criminals", said one of the citizen.

There were large scale Protests happening in the kingdom.

And on the other hand the remaining nobility rejoiced,"Haha Finally we can get Justice for our fallen brothers" said one of the nobles.

"Psycho Prince, what a fitting name, Cheers everybody" all the nobles were enjoying and celebrating.

"Hmph that no good brother of mine is ruining our name, just you wait brother I'll get a hold of my devil fruit and I'm personally coming after you " Max, Lex's brother was training his devil fruit power.

Charles was holding onto Lex's bounty and gazing towards the sea,"So the old cooks got my message, *sigh* I hope you're having a wonderful journey Lex , just don't get killed and become strong".


*Moby Dick*

A man came running to the deck of the ship panting, he was the commander of the first division of the Whitebeard Pirates, 'Marco', " Pops looks at this Bounty".

Marco handed the bounty paper to an old man who was more than 7ft tall sitting in a big chair with drips attached to his veins and women around him, he was muscular and bulky, he was the Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, ' Edward Newgate' aka 'Whitebeard' the strongest man alive.

"Hmpf it's just some kid what's there to see?", said Whitebeard.

Marco nodded his head"Pops you remember you told us about that Charles guy who fought you guys in God's Valley, well this guy Lex is his son and he also served with Shanks".

Whitebeard raised his eyebrow,"So he's that bastard's son this takes me back,and he served under that Red haired is it?Ok send a small unit to keep an eye out for him, I don't think he can do anything against us but his Father is what we should we wary about".

Marco nodded" ok Pops!".

*Whole Cake Island*

Charlotte Lin Lin aka 'Big Mom' was eating candy and Cracker came and explained Lex's bounty and Charles, Lin Lin got up in a rage and Boom killed off one of her son," That bastard Charles he dared kill my captain, I'm ordering you Cracker go find this Lex and bring me his head".

Cracker gulped and exited.


The captain of the Beast Pirates aka 'Kaido' was sleeping on the clouds when suddenly Queen came and filled him on the situation of Lex," Hm Charles.. now that was one man who could kill me i wonder if his son is any good..."

*Unnamed Island*

A man ran up panting towards a lake where people where partying their for the past 2 days, " Captain captain it's.its Lex he got a Bounty".

The party suddenly went quite and the man handed over the bounty to his capitan, Shanks.

"So Lex you've finally begun your own journey, let's meet again in the new world" Shanks was grinning,and he was not alone Lex was like family to everyone of the Red haired Pirates so everyone were happy.

" So what are you guys waiting for Lets keep this party going".


"Grahahaha looks like your days are numbered kid,don't worry I'll personally take your head and present it to the government" Doflamingo was happy and it scared his subordinates.

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