4 chapter 4

A Boy age 8, he has narrowed-eyes and Black colored, which makes him intimidating. His black hair is naturally messy and spikes upwards. He also has a fringe on his right side that partially covers his right eye. he wearing a Black Shirt with a red Swirl in the Back, and Blue shorts this was Yuuki

Yuuki was staring at the fruit, it was a weird fruit nothing he has ever seen, The Fruit had the shape of an Apple, it was a bright red apple that gave an Aura of Domination, it had a Bright white Swirl, the fruit was Mesmerizing under the sun as it glows

He's feeling Drawn towards it like it was telling him to take it,

"Hello, young one" an old sagy voice was heard, Yuuki looked on his left side only to see an Old man with white hair and a beard, he had wrinkles it's a sign this man was old older than his old man, he was wearing a Black Long shirt that almost reaches his feet, the Shirt on the right side had a red Dragon with Goldish flames coming out of his mouth, with his Claw ready to strike, and its wings spread wide open facing the right side, on the left side of the shirt was a white Dragon with his wings open but no flames and his claws were holding on to a Blue flame

"Come young one follow me" the old man spoke as he Grabs the weird Fruit and starts walking towards somewhere, The old man was in front and Yuuki saw the man's back it had the Two Dragons making a Yin Yang, Black and white which looks cool in his eyes


Finally reaching the destination, they came to a view the Beautiful Sea, which was Mesmerizing under the sun as it glitters, the nice wind Breeze hitting his face, the old man sat at the edge as he held the weird fruit of his right side hand, he pats right next to him

"Come join me Young One" Yuuki came forward and sat at the edge right next to the old man

"Young one answer me, what would you do if your love ones or the People you cared Deeply were in danger?" the man spoke in Sagy way, as he kept his on the Beautiful sea

"Protect them with my Life of course" Yuuki spoke as he looks at the old man who still looking at the sea,

"I see but do you have the power to protect the people you cared for?" the old man spoke this time he looked directly at Yuuki eyes

"I currently don't have the power right now but in the future, I will have the power to protect!" Yuuki spoke with Determination as he looked at the old, Yuuki looked at the man eyes they were different, the old man's eyes had two different colors each

his left eyes Color is red with a hint of gold and his right side is white with a Hint of Blue

the old man looked at Yuuki eyes to see Determination, a Will to Protect

The old man smile and set his eyes to the Sea" I see, I guess you'll do whatever it takes to protect the one's you love"

"Of course, even if I have to make the whole world my enemy to protect the people I love and care for" Yuuki spoke, his hand was Grab by the old man as he Places the Weird Fruit on his hand and pushes it towards him

"Take this Young One, it will give you the power you need to protect the one's you love"

The man let go of his hand, Yuuki looks at the weird fruit he had

" this Fruit is called Drago-Drago No mi, Model Dragon, the most Mythical zoan type Devil fruit, base on the color it's a Red Dragon but swirls means also a white dragon" the old man spoke calmly

"This fruit has Three types of flames and three types of element, red and white don't include as you will have its power already but who knows when the power might be useful one day" the old man started to glow

" it seems my time is up, I will leave the world under your hands Young one, take the two weapons where the Tree trump was" The old man stands up as he looks at the Beautiful sea" I hope you have fun in your journey with the str-" the man didn't get to finish as he disappeared into white Particles,

Yuuki looked at the weird fruit, and without hesitation, he ate the whole thing fast

"It tastes delicious" Yuuki got off from his spot and walked Back where the two weapons are, when he Picked the small katana it Vibrated happily the same thing happens with the other one, Yuuki just Shrugged it off and went back home


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when using the Devil fruit, it will mostly depend on emotions

Red Flames and white flames


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Three Elements:????

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