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Yo potatoes/Tomatoes here, this is my Fanfic, this one-piece will be Different than others, so be prepared, their will OC character, Yuuki will meet someone from Luffy crew in the third chapter or fourth maybe so be prepared,

which character will Yuuki will meet


Boy age 5 years old, He has narrowed-eyes and black color eyes that make him intimated, His black hair is naturally messy and spikes upwards, he wearing a Blank tank top and blue shorts, this was _____D Yuuki right know he is running with Medium Poach fill with money

"Brat come back, Give me back my money!"


A group of 5 people where after Yuuki, He stole their money, Yuuki stole it for one Reason

"You guys stole this money from someone else so I am Taking for myself!" Yuuki yelled, he had a Grin On His Face, Yuuki Used a Bit more Strength to his leg and Sped up

"Bye Hope I see you guys again!!" Yuuki yells as he enters the forest,


Ruining Deeper into the forest he found a Big tree, stopping Right in front of it, he Starts Climbing it, It took him five minutes to get to a Branch

Arriving he sees two Boy, a boy with Curry black hair, Childish Freckles, This was Portages D Ace across from Ace was a boy the same age as Ace, he had round eyes, a missing tooth, short curly blond hair. He wore a large black top hat with a pair of blue goggles wrapped around it, a blue jacket with the sleeves rolled up, a cravat and a pair of light blue cyan shorts held up by a belt with an elaborate flower-design buckle.

"Oi you're late Yuuki" the boy spoke, each of them had a leather Pouch bag with them, Ace Pouch was a Bit Bigger than the other Two, "So who going to win today?!" they gathered around and look at each other, Yuuki had a Grin, But the Boy and Ace Both had Serious face

" 3....2....1...go" they all open their Pouch, and look at Ace, he had the most Most money {A/N: where they called beli I forgot} Both the boy and Yuuki where amazed, they didn't get that much" Ace is in first, sabo second and me third again" Yuuki was Jealous, he always got third Place sure he's faster than Normal kids stronger, but Brain nope Intelligence is a Bad trait he has, probably by his father,

"How did you get so much Ace?!" Sabo spoke to Ace with Amazement they would always compete to see who gets more Money but Ace Mostly comes in first Place, Sabo too sometimes gets in the first place but mostly second, as For Yuuki third

" I stole the Beli from the Idiots from the Entrance when I was about to leave haha" Ace was Laughing as He Remembers he knocked out two Idiots and stole their Money" Haaaa came third again" Yuuki was Kinda depressed, Sabo just patted Yuuki shoulder, and Encouraging him to try Better, After Minutes Yuuki got over it

" Oh Sabo you should come with us at Dadan House" Yuuki Suggested. he Pestered Sabo to come with them at Dadan where He and Ace Currently stay, Ever since as a Baby he lived there, and the Bandits where Kinda scared of Him why? well a baby shouldn't have Abnormal strength, the only one who wasn't scared was Ace and the Old man Garp, Ace would always help Him when he was a child,

"I'll Think about" Sabo Reponed with a Smile,

"Yosh let's Steal more Money so we can Get a Ship" Yuuki yelled as a Starts Climbing down the tree, Ace and Sabo follow him after

"Hold Up, We have time to collect, we should just mess around" Sabo spoke as he came in front of Yuuki to stop him, "But the ship" Yuuki wanted to get the money so they can Each have the Own pirate ship, He wanted to explore the outworld, With a Ship or Boat he can Leave foosha and start to become the strongest and His Adventure, each one of them has a Dream, Ace wanted to Become the king of the pirates, Sabo Dream was to set out to sea as a Pirate and have Freedom, They shared the dream to set out to sea as Pirates and achieve freedom, And their Dreams

Ace also agreed with Sabo and they Both talked to Yuuki that they have lots of time to steal more money in the future, Yuuki finally stops and they went hunting for food,

3 years


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