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Foosha Village is a small port village that is located on Dawn island and is part of the Goa Kingdom, a feature of this sleepy village is Mt. Columbo in the background. Several notable mountain bandits live in or around the mountain near the village, causing the occasional chaos to the villagers or assisting them as needed. The town appears to be rather unknown, thus the townsfolk are thrilled and proud that their town might be known for producing an infamous pirate. They are led by mayor Woop Slap who usually is against most ideas presented by the other townsfolk on pirates.

Two Boy is running inside the Forest, One was a 5-year-old Boy, He has narrowed-eyes and black color eyes that make him intimated, His black hair is naturally messy and spikes upwards, he wearing a Blank tank top and blue shorts, The other boy is a 7-year-old Boy with short Curly black hair and black eyes, he also had childish freckles, he wearing and an Orang tank top and Black shorts, Both these children are _______ D. Yuuki and Portgas D. Ace

They are both running away from a Mons*cough* I mean their grandpa, the old man is a tall, tanned, broad-chested, muscular old man. He has a beard and a scar over his left eye.his eye color is blue, and his hair gray and wearing a black suit this no other Vice-admiral Garp, also a hero to the marines

Why, how, well Garp fought Roger many times during the golden pirate's era. Over 40 years, Garp allied with Roger, and together they fought and defeat Rocks D. Xebec and his crew which earned Garp the title as a hero of the Marines.

both Ace and Yuuki are scared, they said something that shouldn't be said in front of their Grandpa

++++ Flash Back jutsu 10 min ago

Two Kids are Discussing of Being Pirates, Of course, this Potages D Ace and _____ D. Yuuki

" Hey, Ace Why Do you want to be a Pirates!?" Yuuki asks why looking at Ace who is Sitting on top of a Tree Branch, Being a Pirate is going to be hard for both of them, their names are tied to specific people, that Made the whole world scared of them,

Ace didn't look at Yuuki but kept his eyes at the stars, Opening his Mouth he spoke Loud and clear" To Become the Pirate King!" Ace look at Yuuki who leaning against the tree. " What about You" He smiled

"To Become the Strongest Pirate and see the word shishishishi" Yuuki laughter, he had a Grin Plastered to his Face, Becoming the strongest Pirate, so no one can hurt Him or the People he cared for, why not a marine well cause of his name and also he met a specific person, a red-haired man, who told him about his adventure and Crewmates

"*Cough* you two are still going on about that!" a rough voice was heard with anger, knuckles crack can be heard

Both looking where the voice was heard, they got scared, they look at each other nod, both of them got ready and...

Ran for their Life



****End of flashback****

They ran for their life,

"I am telling you you're going to be marines, why don't you Understand"

"Never I will be a pirate no matter what" Yuuki yelled to his old man

"Take the first of love then"



Yuuki and Ace Both Got hit in the Head Knocking them Down

"Why don't you two understand"


"Ugh, why did you have to hit me hard old man!" Yuuki yelled to the old man, rubbing his head, he was the first one to wake up

"Mm, 1 min I should have hit you harder" Garp Pick his Nose while Looking at Yuuki

"You Damn Old man"


"Call me grandpa Brat"

Yuuki smirks "Old man"


"Old man!"


"Old man!"

"Shut up, Ugh Damn you old man" Ace finally woke up well cause of the yelling, Rubbing his head

"Good now that Both of you are awake, I will teach about being marines"



Next Day, Marine Hero Garp Was Infront of his Two Grandson Ace & Yuuki, Both Ace & Yuuki had Bruises well Yuuki Bruises where Healing Quickly while Ace.....

"When I come back, I will Train you two Become Strong marines!"

Yuuki"Never old man, I will become the strongest pirate ever" Yuuki yelled will Determination, Ace Just Nob his head" and I'll become the pirate king"

*Bam Bam

After Receiving the Fist of Love from their Gramps and they're Goodbye to him, watching him leave they waited until he is out of view, seeing their Gramps silhouette Gone Both Ace and Yuuki run in the Forest

****Garp Pov***

Garp was walking Back to the Village after saying his Goodbye to Both his Grandson

*Sign*' Ace wants to become the pirate King and Yuuki the strongest Pirate'

Garp didn't want Both his Grandsons to become Pirates it will Make the world Government go after them after all Ace had the Blood of Gold Roger, the King of the pirates, which if the Government found out they will Be after him, to Capture him alive

For Yuuki, the world government will use anything to get rid of him, Capture him alive is one thing they will probably Do, Execution Infront of the whole world same with Ace,

Both Ace's father and Yuuki's Father were Sworn Brothers, Yuuki's father joined Roger crew, and since then Roger became the king of the pirates and Yuuki's father........



sorry if their's misspellings, Engish ain't my thing sooo yea peace I am Get some sleep

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