7 Coral Town

On the docks of Coral town, a man had just disembarked from a little boat. The man was fairly handsome, looked no older than 20 years, standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, was well built with broad shoulders. His jet black hair was messy and unkempt, which wasn't uncommon around here. He had emerald green eyes that looked as though they could peirce the very soul of a person, but what was most noticable about the man was what he was wearing. He wore slick loose fitting black pants, which were tucked into a high quality pair of leather boots. He wore a white cotton shirt, and at his waist he carried a sword on his left, while on the right he carried a pistol. This man was of course Jack.

Just as Jack started to leave the docks to go and explore the town, he heard someone shout to him. "Hey!! You have to pay the fee's to have your boat tied here." Shouted a man in navy blue pants, white button up shirt with the marine emblem on the back. Jack looked to the man, then back to where his ship use to be, it not being there anymore as he didn't trust anyone, so he had put it in his inventory. "What boat are you talking about?" Jack asked the young, but still older than he was, looking marine. The man glanced around the dock, yet couldn't find any sign of a boat. 'I could swear I saw a boat pull in just now!!' The marine thought. "If you didn't get here on a boat, then how did you get here?" The man asked Jack. "I'm a great swimmer." Jack said proudly. The marine was dumbfounded. "You mean you swam here? If so, why aren't your clothes wet?" He questioned Jack. Not wanting to hang around here and be interigated, Jack stared menacingly at the man, before saying in a cold tone, "Listen here Dog!! I don't need to tell you anything. As far as I'm concerned you can fuck right off!! Now why don't you go and continue your worthless existence somewhere else, otherwise it might get cut short."

The marine was stunned stupid. Never before had he been treated this way, and never before had he been so scared of a man. He had delt with lowly pirates and trouble makers before, but something about this man guaranteed his death if he did not heed his warning. Not being able to muster a response, he just stepped out of the way of the frightening individual. Not bothering with the man anymore, Jack continued on his way into the town, his mood soured by meeting with a marine. He despised the marines and the world nobles, almost to the point of just killing them on sight. There were some marines that he respected like Garp, but the fact that they served and protected people that tortured the innocent and weak for their own entertainment sickened him. 'Oh the things I have planned for all of you...' Jack thought darkly.

As Jack walked down the street, lost in his own dark thoughts, he was brought back to reality when he heard the cries of a child. Looking towards where the crying was coming from, he saw a little girl lying on the ground, while a big muscled looking man towered over her. Jack looked around to the nearby citizens, only to see that they were averting their gazes from the big man. No one was walking in the area around the big man, like they were scared to get his attention, all except a group of 8 gross looking guys that were armed with weapons. They were smirking, while some were chuckling darkly. His attention was brought back to the current situation when he heard a man and a woman running towards the little girl shouting frantically and apoligizing. He watched as the man that just approached, presumendly the girls father, got down on his hands and knees. "Please don't hurt my daughter Mr. Gates!! I am so sorry that she got in your way, and I would be happy to compensate you for your troubles." He begged, while the woman, probably the girls mother, ran up to the little girl and took her into her arms.

Gates eyed the woman up and down, before a perverted grin spread across his face. "I'll let her go, but before I do that, you are gonna have to come with me up to my room." Mr. Gates said to the woman, already reaching down to grab her. At the big mans words, the little girls father snapped his head up to stare at Gates in horror. The woman who was now holding her daughter, looked as though all of he blood had left her face considdering how white it got. As Gates grabbed the womans arm, she started screaming, while her daughter hung on tightly to her mother, not daring to let her go.

While all of this was going on, none of the other citizens did anything, although now they were watching the scene with pity in their eyes. Jack looked around and noticed there were even some marines watching, although they didn't look happy. Before Gates could drag the woman more than a foot, her husband lunged at him, but before he could reach his helpless wife, Gates transformed. His body morphed into a human/goat hybrid. Horns grew from the top of his head, his body grew hair rapidly, and his body grew at least an extra foot bringing his height to about 8.5 feet tall. Gate slapped the man away with a powerful back hand to the face. Surprisingly the man got back up in an instant, rushing back towards his wife. "You're courting death!! HAHAHA!!! Gates roared viciously. Before the man could reach Gates a figure appeared in between them holding the mans wife and daughter in his arms. Gates looked at the man, then the woman. Looking down he realized that she was no longer in his grasp. "How did yo-" Were the only words Gates could get out before the figure that was previously holding the woman and her child disappeared from the view of everyone, only to reappear right in front a Gates.

Before Gates could react Jack hammered an armement coated fist right into his stomach sending him crashing into a stack of boxes. Everyone around watched in awe as Jack walked slowly to where Gates was. Gates was trying to get to his feet, but all he managed to do was vomit blood. As Jack reached the still downed Gates, he raised his right foot into the air and stomped down hard onto the goat man's right arm. Everyone around watched as the arm bent and cracked. Blood sprayed out in all directions, but weirdly enough, none of it landed on the young man before them. Jack reached down to the arm that was hanging by a few pieces of muscle tissue and ripped it off. "AAHHHHHHH!!" Gates screamed as his body reverted back to his human appearance. "YOU DISCUSTING WASTE OF FLESH!!" Jack roared angrily before bringing his foot up and crushing a leg this time. Same as before, blood sprayed missing him entirely, then him ripping off the appendage.

'Are all people with power this fucked in the head?!!!' Jack thought internally as he stared down at Gates. Looking around him, his eyes landed on a group of 8 people. As they saw the man who had just beaten their leader like it was nothing, turn his attention back to them, 2 of them tried to run, while the other 6 pulled out their weapons and tried to attack. Before they could unsheath their swords or draw their pistols, they were all dropped to the ground by a horrifying wave of pressure. After releasing his Conqueror's Haki on just the thugs so that only they would feel it, Jack walked over to each of the downed men and stabbed them all through the heart, ending their lives instantly. All but one of the ones that tried to run away that is. 'It was a better death than they deserved.' He thought bitterly to himself, then walking back to the now unconcious Gates, probably from too much pain or blood loss.

The people of Coral Town watched as the man that had just beaten Goatman Gates, walked over to him, pulled some rope from thin air and tied some turnicates around his bloody stumps that use to be limbs. The man then proceeded to grab Gates by the back of his head and dragged him over to the building that Gates was heading to with the woman before Jack had intervened. Jack kicked the door open then threw Gates inside before walking back to the last remaining guy that was still alive, drug him over and tossed him in there as well. Jack stepped inside and closed the door behind him, not wanting people to know what he was going to do. This was the first peson with a Devil fruit that he had found, and he wanted to test some theories.

Back in his world there were many debates and questions on how a devil fruit resurfaced in the world after their user died. The most common one was that after the host died the power would seek out the nearest fruit that it was most compatible with. Jack went to the shop and went to the fruit section. He spent about $20,000 berries to get one of each kind of fruit, then he brought them outside of his inventory. Jack put all the fruites on one side of the room on the floor, then walked over to Gates and stabbed him in the heart. Jack wasn't sure how long it would take for the power to settle in a fruit, or if it even worked like that, but now was as good a time as any. While he was waiting Jack searched the building from top to bottom trying to find out if there were any treasure rooms. Looking around he did mange to find a few little caches with a few pieces of gold, and some stackes of berries, but he figured this couldn't be all of it. Hence the reason he kept the last thug alive.

Walking back down into the main room where the body of Gates was, and the unconcious scumbag, Jack looked over to the big pile of fruit. His eyes looked over each and every fruit until they landed on a weird fruit that wasn't there before. The fuit had it's stem split into spiral horns, while there was an almost goat-like appearance on the rest of the fruit. Picking the fruit back up, he tried to sell it.

Zoan Devil Fruit: Model Goat Goat Fruit. Sell price: $30,000,000 berries Yes/No

Looking at the price, Jack thought, 'Kinda low isn't it?' Going back to the shoping section he searched the fruit. His eyes bulged at the cost to buy this fruit.

Zoan Devil Fruit: Model Goat Goat Fruit. Cost: $62,000,000 berries Already Aquired

Jack new the shop was making a decent profit on lots of his stuff, but this was a lot. Deciding to wait to sell the Devil Fruit, he just left it in his inventory. Storing the rest of the fruits back into his inventory, he quickly went to the shop and purchased the fruit that was now used up by the goat power, then he bought 2 more of every fruit and stuck them in his inventory. Luckily his inventory worked on his Will. If he just Willed one of each fruit to come out when needed then he wouldn't need to sort through so damn many.

After he was done, he walked over to the still unconcious man and slapped him awake. "Whats going on?!!" The man shouted frantically. His eyes darted around the room until his eyes landed on his dead leader. Just then the memories of what happened not even 20 minutes ago resurfaced in his mind, causing him to turn his attention to the man that was staring down at him. "P-please don't k-k-kill me.." the man said through crying eyes. Not caring about the man, Jack said, "Where do you all keep your valuables, tell me and I promise I won't kill you." At his words the man had some hope. He told Jack where they kept all there valuables. They were in a secret base in the forest on the outskirts of town. Apparently they weren't stupid enough to think they were invincible, and had planned a bit ahead. "Alright then, step outside." Jack said sternly, not giving the man the opportunity to complain, not that it would have helped anyway.

Upon exiting the building Jack realized that no one had moved at all since he had walked inside. They were all just staring at he building with stupid looks on their faces. Seeing everyone staring at him, Jack reached over and grabbed the thug by back of his shirt then threw him into the street. "Alright the Billy Goat is dead, this one here is the last one left. You can do with him as you see fit." Jack said to the still dazed people then looked down at the thug. "I said I wouldn't kill you. What they do has nothing to do with me." The thugs faced paled once again before getting to his feet and trying to flee the area. He didn't manage to get more than a few feet before a few people started throwing things at him, then a few rushed over and started beating him with rakes and shovels. It didn't take long before his cries ended, his skull having been bashed in killing him in the process.

After seeing that, Jack walked back inside the building and drug out the body of Gates. Looking around he shouted, "Does this guy have a bounty I can collect?" That brought some whispers from the crowd. Finally someone nervously walked over and passed him a piece of paper. It was a wanted poster.


Goatman Gates $17,000,000 berries

Dead or Alive

After reading the bounty, Jack thought 'AWESOME!!!'. He could just do this bounty hunting thing for a bit and get rich quick. Getting the Dark Dark Fruit wouldn't take much time at all if he kept running into people like this. 'Hahahaha The world government is going to be paying the man that will end them!!' Jack laughed to himself. "Now... Where do I collect my payment." Jack said

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