One of Kyle's Lives Book

novel - Fantasy

One of Kyle's Lives


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Kyle Welton, an ordinary(?) son of a noble family, ditched his childhood friend and left early to the famous Costina Academy. It wasn't his first time to go to school nor was it first time to live, but only he knew of this. It sure wasn't pleasant to live several times already and who knew what he had gone through. But one thing for sure, this life, he would try to live in leisure. But could he? This was Kyle's new life in a new era where technology and magic coexisted ----------------------------------- Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/aida_hanabi https://karyakarsa.com/AidaHanabi https://trakteer.id/aidahanabi https://www.paypal.me/aidahanabi ----------------------------------- Discord link https://discord.gg/pdgv65wXbG ----------------------------------- Instagram: Aida_Hanabi ----------------------------------- The book and cover 2021 Aida Hanabi All Rights Reserved