8 8. He fell.

The soul is willing but the body is weak.

All you have is you and all that will remain with you in the end will be you- hence you have to learn to enjoy your own company because in the end you can only be sure of yourself.

There is no one who should love you more than you love yourself and no one, will care and take care of you more than you. So you should love yourself. Loving yourself is the most important thing Darling.

Everyone is selfish. Everyone wants to succeed first before others, everyone wants to be the best and only a few people think of others first before themselves. I have encountered so many fake friendship and so when I tell you this know that it's the truth. The so called real friends I have left, I cannot say for sure If they are real or not

Yes I am alone and that's not mainly because I am an introvert although that's part of it. I'm alone mainly because I have nobody, no true friend cause no one is true to me. They only expect truth from me but don't want to give it to me. I wonder why they demand that which they do not deem fit to reciprocate.

No one truly loves you as you only your family and I have learnt that the hard way. Unfortunately, now when I have come to realize this, the truth, I have no family no more. It's just sad isn't it. But life comes with pain we just have to accept it. After all pain demands to be felt. Doesn't it?

This is what Monica wrote in her diary as she rested her head on the head rest of a seat outside of her campus. Her eyes pricked with unshed years at the truthful yet painful realization she had just accepted. Like many people this century she was saddened with depression.

She was in search of a path. She wanted to know for sure where it was she really belonged. In earth or maybe in another world or maybe no where at all. No matter how stupid it may seem to others, this world did not appeal much to her. She considered it too fake.

It had nothing to do with her town or the people in it. Ocean city was beautiful, a beautiful small town surrounded by the ocean and magnificent trees in exotic Forests. But like they say there is not a good thing without a bad, and good cannot triumph without evil.

However in this beautiful town there were rumors you see. Rumor's of creatures, creatures who did not belong in the beautiful city. Creatures of the night. But the questions still remained to the knowledgeable, in ocean city which kingdom decides the fate of everyone? The vampires? the werewolves? Or the witches? The humans were not counted of course, they were mortal.

To Monica and many naive humans like her, it was plain stupid to think that any other beings existed that weren't humans. It was just inconceivable and incomprehensible to believe these rumors. So most didn't pay heed to the warnings that the night fed the weak, most like Monica.

Monica was quite the naïve one. She loved to stay in campus till it was dark and even after dark. Like the wolves she could not resist the moon or the dark. In nights like this she didn't want to leave. She wanted nothing more than to be lost in the night, her vision lost in thick blackness.

Much to her luck, she lived alone so no one cared if she was back home early or late except the nice security guard who was nice to every one including her. Sweet old guy.

There she was still sitting so close to the Forest until everyone vacated the school premises, and there she remained till everyone went home even the bad boys. It was getting darker and she loved it. After all, no one looked for her, not even her so called friends. Not that she had any real close ones now anyway. She was never the girl to make friends, kind of preferred to be alone with her diary.

Besides all of her friends were ready to party as it was a Friday. She was not ready to, No, no, in parties horrible things happen. The last one she went to she was almost arrested. A story she would not want to remember again let alone tell. Parties scared her a bit but people, people scared her a lot. She didn't care if there were dangerous supernatural creatures, she always considered humans to be quite dangerous themselves. 

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She stayed in her hideout until it was very dark. When she became too exhausted looking at the moon she stood up. The cold attempted to freeze her blood. She tried to wipe her cheeks but the tears were already dried up, unlucky her. She could just imagine how scary she looked. But she didn't care.

She was in the forest, her hideout, just at the back of her school and she has heard funny stories about here just like everyone has. Funny but scary stories. Stories about vampires and wolves and Voodoos. Hilarious I know, don't come at me though. I'm not the one who carries these rumors to be honest they are ridiculous! Or are they?

Anyway, she stood up in a final resolve, deciding although painfully that remaining alive was more beneficial to her than watching the full moon glow. Although the moon appeared most beautiful this night. It was a painful decision for her to make, but then she didn't have another choice seeing that what she was wearing wasn't fit enough for the cold. Ocean city barely had summer.

She carried her handbag on one hand and her books on the other. When she stood she staggered out of exhaustion. She suddenly realized how tired and hungry, and hungry and tired she was. Her legs could barely serve their purposes, but they had to if, they wanted to remain on her body.

Whilst she was walking out of the forest she felt like she could hear voices from the distance. But she ignored them. It must be because I'm tired, she thought to herself although she herself didn't believe it considering that she increased her pace, but it wasn't good enough.

Suddenly, she saw something flying to her so fast her heart stopped and she froze, literary. The shock paralyzed her and the cold did not help in anyway. She was scared to look up and scared to look down.

After the panic had worn off leaving her with a twice as much beating heart she finally looked down. Whatever was flying fell close to her feet and she was not about to have it eat her feet. "What the fuck!" She screamed, when she saw what it was that fell on her feet. On her feet laid a man who did not look so good.

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