6 6. Bring him to me.

Back In hell every human turned demon and every demon and elder and every evil force rejoiced for the time was near. The time to fulfil the prophecy.

Hades eyes lightened up with expectations that could only be likened to that of Hermes, his son. However, Hermes expectations and happiness quickly died as his eyes showed red.

For the first time Hermes could feel the fire around him on his skin and within him. It felt like he was burning from the insides, being brought to his knees by a higher force. He ignored this feeling. His face remaining expressionless.

"Son why Don't you go pay our visitor a little homage. He is from heaven after all. Is it not a rare occurrence to get a visitor from heaven? What kind of host would we be should we fail to welcome him from the very gates" Hades laughed out loud along with the elders.

He was sitting on his throne of fire with Zena on his left and Hermes on his right. Hermes could feel that he was getting weak and had to feed of some adrenaline. What better to feed on, but pain? His eyes closed with anticipation.

"Of course father. I won't like to be seen as a bad host." Hermes chuckled darkly. He bowed his head and appeared right in front of a frightened Aiden.

When Aiden entered the portal he was met by strong intensity. He had never felt such intensity before in heaven.

Heaven had always been cold except when there was a high standard meeting and Apollo came with his heat. The god of sunlight always brought with him a certain warmness, but even that warmness was subjected to his state of mind.

He had never left Neptune his father never allowed it, so all he knew for centuries was the cold. When he got into hell His first Instinct was to cloak himself and he had thought he did but then as he walked further, watching and enjoying the activities of those in hell, enjoying their sex escapades, plays and games, he strangely felt like they saw him but chose to act like they didn't.

He was just about to take another step when a huge ball of fire appeared from underneath him throwing him off balance. In it a man appeared and Aiden gasped. He was the tallest man he had ever met. His eyes were as crimson as blood and his skin was the colour of fire.

Hermes watched the man before him amused. He looked scared speechless. Had he not been feeling strange he would have laughed at the situation. He was standing now in front of a being from Neptune and he was not the one shaking in fear.

But, why did he smell human?

How can Zeus send a human to fight instead of his son. But there was something about this human that appealed to him, his eyes. He sure was a god.

This human was the son of Zeus. Aiden is human, Hermes thought confused. What game is Zeus playing.

"Who are you?" Hermes asked. His voice was so deep it sent shivers down Aiden's spine.

Aiden looked at the man before him who seemed scared of him. Naively, he thought that the war had been made easier so he smiled. He raised his hands up to the heavens and closed his eyes willing hell to freeze over so he could defeat Hermes and leave.

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He opened his eyes immediately he closed them with the painful realization that he had lost all his power. The smirk on his face quickly disappeared and with it his hope.

He looked at his hands and at Hermes. "What have you done!" He screamed enraged. He tried to blow out a tornado still there was nothing and that's when he felt the reality of it. He just then realized that all his powers had been taken away and he was only able to survive walking into hell because the blood of the supreme flowed in him.

"I guess you are Aiden." Hermes laughed. "Oh things just got more interesting." He threw a punch to an unsuspecting, pained Aiden. And Aiden lost consciousness his last thoughts were of Hestia.

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