15 15. Taken

About 3 to 4 months ago

Werewolf kingdom

You are alone, no one is with you. You will live alone, you will die alone. A voice in her head threatened as she walked into her room. "You cannot break me," She replied the voice. "Nothing can break me not even the devil."

She was sure of this. Nothing could break the fierce Gloria not even the devil.

She didn't know that the devil was actually listening, Alpha Noah. His eyes were red as blood, his skin pale like the snow and his canines out. He saw her as she walked tiredly into her apartment. He had been stalking her for the past one week, his mate. His.

His mate he who would break and destroy. He wanted her to himself. He wanted to add her to his trophies of those he had broken. Yet, she believed herself to be unbreakable.

It didn't matter to him though he was going to break her and dominate her until she falls at his feet begging for mercy, no matter what he had to do to make it possible.

Gloria heard voices as she stepped into her apartment. Voices she had been hearing for the past week, they seemed to have been coming from afar and then sometimes it seemed they were close so close she felt it was her speaking.

She was scared and rightly so. Her friends were not in town, they separated after college. Lora got a good job but Gloria was stuck acting as the secretary to a rude boss who tried to annoy her in every way. But she would not be broken not even by hell and she would definitely not give anyone the satisfaction of watching her break.

When she was climbing the stares she felt eyes on her. Someone was following her but they were following the wrong girl. It was sad that they didn't know that.

She opened the door and stepped into the little one room apartment that was her home. It was beautiful just like Ocean city a town she loved despite all the rumors about it.

She closed the door gently behind her. At the back there was a frame a picture of her father and behind it was a safe where she kept her gun. She was not going to go down without a fight and a very tough one. She also did not plan to lose.

Her father thought her how to fight and shoot and she was a very fast learner. People got shocked even in school at her ability to pick up fast. There was one problem though she didn't know that the forces up against her were not human.

As the gods would have it alpha Noah decided that he had waited long enough and he would claim his price. The ever beautiful, Gloria. His accent adding flavor to her name. So he came out from his hiding place going straight to her home. He had ordered his witch to make him visible to only her. It was always quite the catch to watch his victims wriggle in fear even before they met him.

He knocked, once, twice, and like he expected there was no reply. Gloria was behind the door her heart beating fast like a drum in easter.

She tried to call for help but she couldn't, all her phones and the landline had been tampered with. She was left with herself, her gun and her father's inbuilt knowledge.

Another knock and the most powerful voice she had ever heard speak gave her a command. "Gloria." He sang her name. "Open the door."

She was reduced to chills her hands shaking as she held on to the gun. But she would not be scared....she could not afford it. She breathed gaining her courage. Like her Dad would say, the number one enemy to fight is fear. "Who are you? And what do you want? She asked, trying to sound as brave as possible.

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The alpha laughed. "Who I am is not necessary my love, but what I want that In fact is very necessary. I want you. You are mine." he stated simply. It was now Gloria's turn to chuckle.

"I'm sorry psycho but you cannot have me I'm nobody's. Now please leave before I call the police." She threatened infuriating the alpha. He did not like to me threatened. He did not like to be disobeyed he was a dominant. The alpha of all alphas and he will not be disobeyed.

"Gloria!" he growled. "Open the door now!" His voice shook the building and Gloria wondered why no one had deemed it fit to come our to her rescue. Didn't they hear the voice, didn't they smell the danger in the air. He obviously was no human. But he had a warlock and that she didn't know.

"I will not. You want me come and get me." She said moving backwards and away from the door. Her hands held the gun tightly ready to shoot.

She should not have said what she said. That was a big mistake, but she didn't know that. She didn't know that the alpha got whatever he wants, however he wants, wherever he wants, and so the door was pushed open. And Alpha Noah came in. He was pissed, very, very pissed.

Gloria's heart skipped many beat as the alpha broke down the door. Her heart skipped more when she saw him. His long hair stopping at his shoulders his eyes red as blood, his lips pale white like his skin. His presence an abracadabra.

Gloria did not like magic. No as a matter of fact she hated magic with a passion that burnt her soul so she shot at him, one, two, three. He did not move an inch.

Scared she moved back her eyes steady on him and unsteady on the gun as it's usefulness has been tested and sadly it failed. The she thought. Maybe he was putting on a bulletproof.

Moving back a little and steadying herself she shot at him again but this time aimed at his head. All this while he had watched her with admiration and curiosity. He had never seen a girl that brave but when she shot at his head he became furious deciding that she was as stupid as she was brave. And very much strong oh breaking her would be delight to him. His fierce mate.

He was so angry that he feared he would turn. He could feel his shirt tearing away, his fingers dug out of his gloves and His canines where as sharp as ever.

Gloria panicked but she did not scream. "Who are you? no! no! What are you." She asked seemingly too shocked to Process anything including fear.

Alpha Noah growled. "The question I think is not who I am neither is it what I am. The question is what am I going to do with you." And with that in a flash that she could not fathom he was an inch close to her. He pulled her hair backwards and looked deep into her eyes.

"You should be afraid, Gloria. You should be very much afraid but you are not and I like it."

Gloria scoffed if he thought that a trick would scare me he's in for a bit of a surprise. She thought.

"No you should be afraid. You should be very afraid. You are not and I hate it."She retorted pushing him off her with all the strength she could muster. A strength that surprised him as he was taken aback.

Now the alpha was not only angry but his ego bruised by a not so petite little fellow as he would call her.

With a flash he moved close to her again. His hands hitting her on her face till her lips drew blood. "How dare you speak back to me." He growled. "I'll break you Gloria, I'll break you by every means possible. I'll watch you build an altar for me as you worship at my feet you little child. I'll end your bravery."

Gloria laughed a vicious laugh. A daring threatening laugh. "You cannot break me. I am one whole rock. " That was all she said before she lost consciousness the alpha could take no more scars to his ego.

Aiko he called for the witch through his mind link. "Drop the veil and prepare the car. I've got what we came here for." He ordered.

He carried her on his shoulders and jumped down the window from the twelfth storey. His feet landing on the ground safely.

When he entered the car his right hand man who happened to be a woman saw the anger evident in his countenance. Never had she seen the alpha this angry.

She smirked. "Looks like she wasn't an easy target after all Noah." She mocked with a slight smile.

"I'll not discuss this with you Aiko please drive." He ordered sharply. He starred at the woman whose head was resting on his legs and thought what he would do with her and to her. Even though his heart told him he would end up doing more for her than to her.

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