13 13. To my chambers

Lawrence was shocked. He looked at his hands then at Victor and then he instantly knew that something was not right, If not everything.

He was taken off guard by Victor who extended his anger to all the six elders at the table. His outstretched hands sending out dark magic as he started an unknown chant to weaken them as possibly kill them. The elders screamed, a gut wrenching scream. Their hands all flew to their neck. One thing became obvious to the elders, he was now with Jessica.

Luckily for the elders it was just about that time that Lucius barged into the palace with Monica in his arms only to see his palace in chaos and his elders fighting for their life.

He had known after the attack that Victor had been the enemy, the traitor, his presupposed killer. Yet, naively he did not expect him to start off by killing the elders when he wasn't even confirmed dead. His life force still flowed in them for goodness sake!

Immediately he walked in and saw what was happening he dropped Monica with the head maid who stood by the door mouth agape and shaking. She was startled but quickly held on to the mortal her king just surrendered to her. Lucius sped to Victor and in a heartbeat he snapped his neck and stopped his magic.

Victor was taken by surprise and even if he wasn't he was no match for Lucius. A very great disadvantage for the witches.

"Take him to the dungeon and prepare for an execution. After he has been sucked of all his powers and all information gotten from him he will meet his maker." Lucius ordered the guards by the throne, as he sat on his throne. The guards happily did as they were told. Adolphus was the happiest, he never liked Victor.

Most of the vampires sighed in relief and others laughed. They all clapped with happy faces. Not exactly happy faces but they were all happy nonetheless.

"He is saved because of the power he has and because he is the front man. You two will not be granted the same favor." Lucius said turning to two vampires wearing a hood standing scared at the back of the gathering. They were messengers of Victor and traitors. They tried to run but Lucius only had to say one word and they both died even before they had reached the door. He had that much power over his vampires.

Lucius looked around without saying another word. He would call a meeting with the elders after he had rested. He was now suspicious of many things. Now he knew that there was more to everything and he needed to find out what it was.

His kingdom could possibly have been infiltrated?

The vampires started dismissing one by one and when they were all gone Lucius stood up from his throne and moved to the head maid who held Monica. His hands were on his chest where the dagger had been, he staggered a little while he walked but immediately got his ground.

"Master what do I do with her?" Sarah the head maid asked although that was not the only question keeping her eyes wide. Her mind was raging with so many questions but the most important remained who the human she was carrying was to the king. Monica's head rested on her shoulder all the while, and she had somehow taken a liking to the human girl. It had been long she played mother and it was still as endearing to her as ever.

She thought the girl beautiful, from her tanned skin which was almost the color of olive and facial features she assumed correctly that she was African.

"Take her to my chambers Sarah." Lucius ordered maintaining a blank expression. His expression would prevent her from asking any more questions which he knew he would be unable to answer at the moment.

If Lucius had been stabbed with the dagger of the sun like Victor alleged then he should have been dead, or else the prophecy had finally been fulfilled. Sarah thought as she sped to his chambers which was the last door in the hallway.

She could be wrong though maybe there was more to it or Victor had been lying as always. That man had no truth in his mouth. Then again he seemed so sure, so happy. She willed herself to hope.

She smiled.

It had been so long since the prophecy. She had prayed for a love for Lucius for so long. He was like a son to her and she knew he deserved love more than anyone. He deserved a soul mate to be bound to like many other vampires. He deserved to be happy, to have more in his eyes than sadness and duty. She wasn't sure the girl in her arms could give him that but she wished she could.

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