11 11. Return my King

Lucius would be angry and furious should he meet the sight before them now, the palace guards thought looking at Victor with angry eyes, but feeling helpless as regards the matter.

Lucius for the benefit of his kingdom had gone to meet the strongest alpha in ocean city, Alpha Noah, in his pack house. A merger between them could ensure that the witches had no success in the extinction of either races.

It was something that the king had never done. Lucius liked to remain at the hem of affairs in his kingdom, he rarely left. Important matters outside the kingdom were handled by the elders or the council but then he thought it time that he handled such matters as this himself seeing that the witches were becoming more and more powerful.

The warlords were coming for them and they were not going to show Mercy. The werewolves were in between, whichever kingdom gets to them first had an upper hand.

Everyone was restless as they gathered in the palace waiting for his return but with each passing moment it seemed more and more probable that he was already dead. If he wasn't why was Victor now in their presence acting like he had finally won, with his lips curved in a stupid smirk.

In the absence of the king his right hand man, Victor, indiscreetly sat on the throne representing him. His smile was deceitful, his laughter evil. A bit of an exaggeration there but anyway let's get back to the story. Everyone including Lucius knew that he wanted the throne and he did nothing to persuade them otherwise.

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Lucius chose to keep him closer in the hopes that he could not only watch his every move but also over time curtail his evil ambitions. He never once thought that Victor could betray him in a way so evil as attempting to take his life.

"Lucius has been killed with the dagger of the sun. He is not coming back." Victor started with fake sadness. "The wolves, Alpha Noah and his pack warriors surrounded him in the night and plunged the dagger into his heart. Then they left him for dead on the cold floor." He paused, dramatically wiping his eyes. "But we shall have our revenge. They will not get away with this. Next week we will launch an attack." He raised his voice. "And we will make then pay! Every last one of them will answer to us!"

Silence followed his pronouncement. The vampires knew that their life source and strength were tied to Lucius their king. If he died they died too. They were not as lucky as the werewolves to be separate from their alpha. He had been their king for all these years for three millennia up until now that is if Victor was indeed speaking the truth, which he rarely did!

Victor wasn't perturbed by the silence he didn't expect a cry for war. They could moan the king all they wanted but that still wouldn't bring him back. He was dead and gone and he would find a way to keep them alive even if it meant a truce with the warlords.

"I suggest that there be a coronation as soon as possible. As his right hand man It is in my place to sit on the throne. War is upon us and we will not survive if we do not have a ruler. I do this for the kingdom and for my brother Lucius, his death shall not go unavenged."

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