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One Night Mistake: Tale of Lovers


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Love the story lines.....the characters are well developed....A must read novel...........the author's done a good job here.Overall good works👍👍👍


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I'll rate my book 5 obcourse. This is a taglish story and I hope you can support it. Thank you sonmuch everyone. I hope you enjoy the story and worth of your time❤


I just read it now and it was painful for me to be honest. The first point, the novel was written in Filipino but the tags show as English? I can understand the notion of adding Eng tags on it since the characters would shift from English to Filipino and vice versa (it is in their culture to mix Filipino & Am Eng) but to be honest, that tagging would confuse Native English readers, so I think putting it under Filipino/Tagalog tags will do you better. The second point, Some of the expressions and character nuances on this novel baffle me, I also noticed that the author would write in a verbal sense instead of a literary sense, and that's muddling the pacing and the flow of the story. Some dialogues would become a narrative and some of the narratives become dialogues, so tell me, how do I determine if they're speaking to each other. (It is tricky especially I saw some parts where the quotation marks were missing) There a lot of instances when characters quickly flip their switches and act out of character (The Lamborghini remark killed me) I managed to catch up to the latest chapter and I'm still confused by flow of the story. (or maybe because the dialogues confused me a lot to the point that it opened a lot of questions on the back of my head and those questions were barely answered as I progressed each chapter.) Then again, I recall, this series is still at its infancy. Final point, all of the characters sounded like the same person. Though the author did make one dude slur the F word a lot (Good job because I use that as his identifier haha) The characters in this story still need some personality/traits to it. Everyone has this air of "Upper middle class/RK vibes" on them even though some of the characters aren't. The character affinities/relationships were also lacklustre, I would recommend adding more realism to their circumstances or using non-idealistic real-life references since some of the scenes here were screaming naivety. The period of this story also reminds me of college life in the PH so some scenes were relatable. It's just that sometimes, the author would exaggerate it and would go overboard. I also recommend avoiding colloquial terms or words when laying out the literary narrative, instead, use it on character dialogues and that will help your readers visualize it better.


Good Novel. Love how the author writes the story. I really like it. I want more ans its very interesting. Keep it up! Update more chapter.!!


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