1 Prologue

There stood a large built man leaning against the stone wall. His black curly hair was thick and course. He was at least 6'3" and had a powerful aura about him. Anyone who spared a glance toward him wouldn't be able to pull away. He was simply a beautiful man.

He gazed his eyes out from his balcony focusing his dark green eyes along his land. He was proud of what he had obtained. He took things by force because of his love for power. And he now was King.

This man never admired or wanted anything more than the Crown.

"Your h-highness?" The kings man servant stuttered.

The king didn't seem bothered or shocked by the random appearance of the man. He reeved of confidence and didn't flinch.

"King Leonard?" The man servant asked again trying to get his attention.

"What do you want?" The kings deep husky voice questioned. He sounded quite unamused and extremely bored.

"The lords and nobles insist on the option of a competition for the title of Queen to be fulfilled."

The king smirked. He could have lived his whole life without a woman on his side with this power he obtained. He didn't want to share. He was a Being that could outlive so many and he wanted to enjoy his life with the power he had obtained.

However, it seemed the nobles were eager to gain his favor and a part of the power by pawning of their pathetic daughters.

He moved his long strong fingers through his hair and let out a loud sigh. His eyes began to turn red.

He would give the nobles and lords what they wanted. He would test these random woman to the point of death. And if one did survive, there would be no chance that she would want to be paired to him. He after all was a monster.

"Very well. But I'll chose the women I send the invitations too. Now leave and don't return back to my sight concerning this matter unless you want to die." The king sneered.

As the servant made his way out of the room, the king spoke once again.

"Send up two of the maids. I have a special request for them tonight. I have needs from all this stress."

The servant looked over his shoulder noticing that the king hadn't moved an inch. He sighed realizing the two maids he would send would probably be embarrassed once they realized what services he would be requesting.

Either sexual interactions, or blood.