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Hello- has anyone received this transmission? I've come from a distant planet known as Authoria, bearing an important message for all to hear! The author known as JMan is shameless enough to leave a five-star review and is craving for any thoughtful reviews, regardless if it's a compliment or constructive criticism; the JMan accepts all! ...Cough, cough. Anyhow, I thank you for anyone reading this review, and the novel. I've written many short stories (...too embarrassed to actually publish them however) and am now trying my hand at web novels! The style is very interesting and although I'm rather not used to it, I'll try my best to improve and provide you all with quality content. Let's go on the journey of witnessing Wuji's legend together!


An interesting take on the video game trope in where I believe the MC will truly be on their own- not having say guild mates or other people, but solo carrying in a way where they are their guild... Something many people would likely want to do in many online games (...talking about you Leauge of Legends) Although the first chapters are somewhat slow, they do help build the world and are the quality of writing is very good, at least compared to most original novels. If you like Overlord, SAO (the concept before the harem occurred), Log Horizon, No Game No Life and VRMMORPGS in general, then this is the novel for you. As long as the chapter rate increases, I think this will be a great and very popular webnovel. Ofc, that's why this is getting my stones!! Author give more chs... 😁😁😁


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Pretty good so far, only 2 chapters so far but its really intreasting. If you like vrmmorpg novels with OP charecters then this is for you. Honestly just check it out and youll prob like it.


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Don't read if like me you hate having random rubbish happening in a novel which isn't explained, like why does the mc have powers in a world which is pretty much earth but with advanced technology for games, why is there a random mysterious powerful person who is super strong in a world which is like earth with more advanced technology for games. Where the **** did this person come from, novels that do this rubbish always end up being bad eventually because a mysterious organisation or powerful person is pulled out of the writer ass just so the mc can have a rival or an enemy who is stronger than them.


Very cool 👍👍 Give thumbs up Nice mc Nice writing Cool characters Cool video game Cool gods and powers Op MC = Should read for sure Wang Wuji ! Wang Wuji!


This novel is for you if you’re into video game settings. Some concepts might go through your head if you’re not much of a gamer but it’s not rocket science. I will update my rating as more chapters come out but for now this story has got something good going on.


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I really like the story and the “more original” story. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more great chapters in the future "And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power." - ‭‭Luke‬ ‭4:32‬ ‭KJV‬‬


Amazing story and plot line. I got hooked into the story immediately and I just love the main character! The OP characters and the comedy in this novel is definitely worth the read. And the story gives a unique sense of virtual reality and how the main character goes through it. Although the updates are a bit unstable, everything else is pretty good. I’m looking forward to future chapters.


Not bad, not bad at all so far. Unlike some stories here, it's readable. At first, the exposition at the beginning bothered me, but as I finish the chapters, I realized that it was indeed needed. I don't think the cursing needs to be censored to be honest. It feels like that's taking away the authenticity of the story in which the author's tell; however, censorship is a judgment call on his part. I can see why it's called One Man Guild. We've got an OP player. I added it to library to further read. There were a few mirror grammar issues, but nothing that took stabbed me in the gut. The Keyboard can be a mean mistress.


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I’ll be honest I’m a little sad about writing this story off as dead, but considering author has been gone for 7 months it’s safe to say it’s dead. I do still wish for jman_ to get back to this because I his wiriting is pretty good, easy to understand not a lot of clutter some good funny remarks etc However I can’t say much else about it 20 chapters ain’t really a whole lot to go from..


The novel has a pretty good start and a good development till now. There are still some unanswered questions like how the mc got his powers, but I believe that as long as the story continues all those questions will be answered. But for now let's just hope the author gets his ass down on a chair just next to a desk and starts writing the damn novel.... ;)


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