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One Man Guild


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World background currently in development . . . However, check for updates regarding development of background + Website! Year 2038, the beginning of the era of VRMMORPGS. . . . The only problem with being the number one solo expert was that garnering all the attention alone was pretty annoying. So many players looking to prove themselves by constantly challenging or trying to PK experts. It was the number one headache. But for Wang Wuji, none of this is a concern; "Trying to PK me? Trying to last hit my boss? Stealing my loot? Let's see if you can fight me first . . . Oh, by the way, I never said that I was alone. I have my other characters- cough cough- my guild right here!" Follow the legend of the maverick who broke every limit and surpassed the boundaries of humanity. The one who was renowned throughout the world as the "one man guild." ------------------------------------------------------------- Updates: 5 chapters a week. Increasing release rate of 1 chapter/week once power stones reach a certain threshold. Max release rate at 7 chapters/week. (Upper limit release will be subject to change in the future.) 5 chapters per week: 100 power stones (Completed!) 6 chapters per week: 500 power stones 7 chapters per week: 1,000 power stones. Once enough chapters are accumulated, will add the option of bonus chapters, likely to be based on: reach x power stones = 1 bonus chapter. Rating: Profanity/foul language is well present throughout the book but is not directly stated; rather, asterisks (*) are used to redact such words. Violent fight scenes are described in detail but gore is largely eliminated, although still present to some extent. (Mostly descriptions of rotting zombies, corpses, etc.)