1 Chapter 1 the start

"RING RING" "uhhh....." he groans from just waking up.he proceeds to grab his phone as he puts it to his ear.

He rubs his eyes and listens

"Hello..." the person on the phone says

"Get up Matt I'm waiting outside"

Matt hangs up and looks at the watch on his phone. He drops his phone of his bed and stands up yawning. Matt walks to his closet and opens it. He looks as he takes down the only clean shirt and puts it on. Matt walks out of his room his pants already on from him wearing them in bed.

He proceeds to walk to the kitchen.

"Hey mom" Matt waves to his mom as he grabs toast that was already on the table.

The mom looks and says "have a good first day sweetie" Matt know old his eyes biting into his toast. He looks around and says "hey mom have you seen my shoes. The mom says with excitement on her voice "check the closet"

Matt walks to the closet and opens it seeing a new pair of black and grey shoes.

He has a faint smile on his face as he says "thanks mom" the mom waves bye as Matt walks out the door after putting on his shoes.

Matt looks seeing his friend outside his house in his car. The friend looks and says "get in Matt" Matt opens the door and gets in. The friend looks and says "I hope this new school has some fine chicks" Matt looks at him and says "oh ya same" Matt looks down at his phone. Matt looks at his friend and says "hey josh can we start driving. Josh presses down on the peddle and starts to drive.

Matt looks out the window. Josh keeps driving

About ten minutes pass as they park in the parking lot of Bradford high. Matt gets out of the car and looks at the school. He mumbles to himself "a start over" josh looks and says "hey I know it can be nervous I'm a little nervous to it is our first day of our senior year."

Matt looks over "it is a whole new school too"

Josh nods agreeing. Matt grabs his bag out of the car and puts it on. Josh looks and says "alright it's time" Matt nods and walks towards the school with josh.

Josh opens the door and looks. His eyes open wide and says "no way our moms put us in-"

Matt says continuing the sentence "an only boys school." Josh try's not to believe it.

While Matt puts a sad face on even though he isn't sad. Josh says "at least we are together"

Matt looks around and steps in the school with josh following behind him. Matt walks to the lockers looking for his locker.

Matt finds it and opens it. He takes out his books and puts his bag in the locker.

Join does the same but on the other side on the hall in his locker. Matt looks around and says"hey josh who is your first period."

Josh looks and says "I don't know someone named mr.hollow" Matt holds his book in his hands and says "really same"

Matt thinks to himself "I honestly think he knows" josh grabs his books and walks to class.

Matt follows behind him. Matt looks around seeing a bunch of boys.

As Matt is looking around he bumps into a boy. Matt and the boy fall to the floor. Matt looks rubbing his head and says "oh no I'm so sorry are you ok" the boy smiles with these great white teeth as he says "don't worry bout it happens all the time" Matt says flustered "o-oh really hehe y-ya I still feel bad though" the boy stands up and holds out his hand. Matt grabs it as the boy helps Matt up. Matt looks stuck in his blue eyes. Matt shakes his head and says "thanks and sorry again" the boy replies "no problem" Matt realizes he is still holding his hand as he lets go. Matt looks at josh and walks back to class. Josh looks and says "what was that it looked you were bout to kiss him"

Matt looks blushing "what no he just helped me up that all" josh looks and says "I'm just playing with you" Matt rolls his eyes and walks in the class. The teacher looks and looks right back down into his book Matt sits down as josh sits in the seat beside him. Matt looks around and thinks to himself "that boy" the image of the boy who he tripped fills his head. Matt looks around and gives josh a note. Josh reads the night saying each word in his mind "meet me after class at the media center at 12:30. Josh looks at Matt and nods. The teacher stands up and looks at the class as he says "hello class my name is mr.hollow" Matt grabs a pencil out of his bag and looks at the teacher.

Most of the kids in the class obviously have there phones out and listening to music.Matt takes his phone out because everyone else is. The teacher looks at Matt and says "phone now" Matt looks up and says "what your kidding right" a few students in the class giggle as mr.hollow takes his phone. "You can get this after school" Matt burrows his face into the books on his desk. The class goes on minute after minute. Matt looks up at the clock on the wall seeing that only ten minutes have passed as Matt let's put a soft groan.

Matt slowly falls asleep class. Matt wakes up to the teacher yelling at him "GET UP"

Matt wakes up scared. He looks and says "sorry I'll just go" the teacher stops him and says "now hold on you don't get to just go away" Matt looks scared the teacher looks and says "lunch detention" Matt nods stands up and walks out. Matt walks into the halls looking around as he thinks to himself "ok looks like I still have time to meet josh at the library" Matt walks to the library.

as he opens the door and looks around he immediately notices the computers. He looks around not seeing josh.

He thinks to himself "I'll just wait at the computers" Matt walks to the computers and turns it on. He says to himself "these are old"

Matt looks seeing a poster on the wall he reads out the words on the poster to himself.

And then he notices a website link on the poster. Matt types in the website link into the computer. He looks and says to himself "it's just a venting website" Matt looks and and moves the cursor to make a new post. He looks kind of shaking as he clicks it.

Matt types in the words "hi my name is well now that I think about it it's probably best not to show my name well forget that part hi I am just a normal high school boy nothing is out of place but I have a secret a huge secret I'm afraid to show because honestly I think it might turn out for the worse so I've been keeping it in. Even though it might not be for the best it's really hard but I've been doing it but I think I want to tell you people cause I feel it might help me with my secret. Like I said before I'm a normal high school student there nothing that is different from me and the others except one thing.....

I'm gay" Matt looks at the enter button hesitant to post it. But then in a flash or at least a flash for Matt it was josh runs over and scares Matt causing him to press enter.