One Heart Three Tribulations
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One Heart Three Tribulations


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What is One Heart Three Tribulations

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“I took revenge, conquered destiny and became the supreme ruler of the universe. Yet, at the dawn of my supremacy, deprived of what I cherished most, I realize that I have nothing.” Eldest son of the Heavenly Emperor. Most powerful immortal of a generation. Intelligent, handsome, caring, and with a heart of gold. Which one those characteristics isn’t enough to enjoy untold admiration and a dreamlike existence? He had them all but only met insults, hardships, and suppression. This is the story of Hou Hui. The story of his fall, of his rise, of the things he sacrificed and lost on the path to rebel against heaven’s will and become supreme. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover. If it's yours and you would like it taken down, please contact me, and I will do so. Also, if you enjoy this story please consider donating a power stone. It needs a lot more exposure. And of course, reviews and comments are not only welcome but appreciated.

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If you don't support yourself, who will? With that in mind, I've decided to shamelessly give myself a five-star review ☺️. I welcome everyone to this story and promise steady updates of at least one chapter a day unless a massive calamity (like a lightning strike or worse...yeah there is worse) befalls me. Be warned though, the "tragedy" tag isn't there for nothing. There will most likely be moments when you want to gut me. But I can promise you (I really hope I can) that at the end of it all, we should all be satisfied.


The genre of the novel is very different, so you need to stick to it to get full clarity of the plot. The design and structure of the story is definitely intricate. Good marks to the author for that. Please read more chapters to have a proper grip on the story as it flows at a nice pace later on. You have a very good creative imagination. I must give you full marks for that. Some scenes are also depicted in great detail that you would feel like its actually happening in front of you. Keep up the good work. My vote also goes for you 💕💕💕💕


The novel is still in it's infancy and I cannot say much about the plot. The characters and their dynamics are very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how they will develop in the future. The writing is superb to be honest, I have to applaud the author for this. If you're interested in cultivation novels with some power play i would definitely recommend this.


I have no idea about the future of the story and how it will branch out. The first chapter made the whole thing even more confusing. It gave me fleeing that Tian Mo will somehow restart the universe or why would he abandon the Phoenix Fang girl like trash or brutally kill his empathic brother. I read nine chapters and it kept me interested throughout. The main character is interesting but I am still not rooting for him. I need more description of the world and environment to really get into the story. I like the story so far so I will keep reading until I am no longer interested. I think your story blow up unless the whole site is full of just horny bulls like I think it is. Some of the stories with just one chapter have more views because there is *** on the title. It takes more time to get recognized for good writing so don't give up because I think you will get contracted within two months. The quality of writing is excellent considering you put out so many chapters in less than three weeks. I am jealous of your writing ability. I started reading the first(0) chapter without looking at the synopsis. So I thought Long Wei was the protagonist. I started rooting for him. On the second chapter, I was waiting for him to somehow reincarnate but imagine my surprise.


Reveal spoiler


To be honest, I have no idea what kond of story this will turn out to be. I don't even know if this will be short or long, I don't know whether this story will be good or bad, and I don't know if this story is any good. Because I only have comfort books, me reading this is already a step forward. I don't know what to read anymore so I am hoping that this will be something that I can look forward to every single day


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Trash. What a trash.............................................................,....,..................,....... ...........


Writing is great and interesting. The plot is interesting and suspenseful. However there is no book 2 that I’m aware of. This book needs more exposure and I hope the writer will come back and starts on book 2.


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