One Ability To Invincibility

Jason, youth in his twenties got three powerful abilities 1: dismantle (it allows him to break down something up to a molecular level) 2: evolve (which allows him to make something transcend it's original form, it can make everything a treasure) 3: Merge (it allows him to merge anything with whatever he desired) after he accidentally evolved his wrist band into the most powerful A. I technology in the world, he dismantled it and merged it with his Soul, that was the biggest mistake he made as he experienced headache, he accidentally poured water into electricity, and before he knew it, he found himself in a Martial Arts world, as if not enough, when he was looking at some information from ancient books, he bumped upon the words 'Way of Ascension to the cultivation world ' that was the beginning of the story! I'm still looking for the right profile picture, but the current one was AI generated. Reminder: the real thing is about cultivation, not martial arts The martial arts world is just giving me time for more preparations. Thanks:Grand VoidDaoist

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Do You Want To Die Early That Much?

Frost Hearts City...

City Lord's Mansion!

In the city lord's mansion, Sendi Abraki, the city lord of the Frost Hearts City, was reading the report of what has been happening in the city recently, he was reading it with all carefulness, he didn't want to leave anything out, as he was reading.

Booom! Booom! Booom!

The ground started shaking, shattering sounds were heard as all the flower pots in the hall fell down, the book shelf, that had all the valuable books that talked about the history of his beloved kingdom fell down, he looked at all the damage in confusion, as he was looking at the ruined things, his senses cought vibrations in his storage pouch.

When he looked in the storage pouch, he saw that a jade slip that had the number [0] on it was vibrating, he got it out and poured in his qi, after doing this, a voice came from inside.

"Master Sendi, it's shadow1 reporting, I don't know what happened inside the Frost Heart family, but all it's elders, together with the family head are currently moving to the city at full speed, even the 'Mad Man' is moving with them, I estimate that they will be reaching the central part of the city in a few minutes" reported the voice that came from the jade slip.

After hearing the report, he thoughtfully got another jade slip from his storage pouch and said

"Use all the guards in the city and move everyone from the center of the city, no matter what, try to minimize the casualties of this predicament! "

After he said this, he looked in a far distance and said

" For so many years after becoming the city lord of this city, this is the first time this is happening, how I'm I going to handle this?"

After saying this, he got up from his seat and quickly made way to the gates of the manor, behind him, was an old man who was wearing black robes.

"Wolf, who do you think made those people angry to the extent of using all their martial prowess?" Asked the city lord

At this moment, the old man behind him, newly known as wolf looked at him and said .

"Master, I don't think that this is the right question at times like this, you should be looking for ways to handle this, how are you going to pay for the damages that this predicament is going to cause"

"Me? Compensate the people? Im I the one fighting? Let the Frost hearts family worry about that, what I think will be a problem is about how we are going to avoid being pulled into this mess that is happening" said City lord Sendi

As the city lord, he was responsible for the safety of the many mortals in the city, these were the sources of wealth after all, if they all died because of the fights between martial artists,then he would be questioned about it, this was also the reason why in each city, there's a City Lord's Mansion that is used to Suppress the martial artists to some extent.

What he was thinking about was the enemy that the Frost hearts family was going to face, if even a martial family had to use all it's martial artists in a fight, it would only mean that the enemy was bringing out the same martial artists or even more.

He was now thinking about how they should avoid being involved in it, even though they the city lord's mansion had complete control over the city, it didn't have the power to make the martial artists in it submit to them,in the recent years,the city lord has been using all his wealth to get many martial artists work for him,but he didn't have the same powerful force that a martial family had!.

The only powerful card they had with them was the 'City Ceal ' ,which they can use in case of an emergency to send news to the Zenji family for reinforcements , but Sendi also understood that if he is swept into this conflict, he might be dead by the time the reinforcements from the Zenji family reaches the city!

In the Central part of the city!

As all the people were still confused about what was going on, the city guards, wearing heavy armours came and started making all the people on the streets to move away,

"Move! Move away to the Western part of the city, move at this moment, this is an order from the city Lord himself, move before you fu*king die!"

At this moment, after the guards said this, all the people understood the heaviness of the situation, the western part of the city that they were being told to move to,was the only place in the city that wasn't highly populated, and the reason for that was because of the harsh wether in that area, only extremely poor people lived there those who couldn't even afford a house!.

Now as they were told to move into that directing for safety, then there's one meaning, the situation was grim!!

Many of the people started moving, all going to the road that led to the western part of the city, but as always , not all people would see the bigger picture!

"Moving to the western area? There's no way I'm going there! I'm not going there to eat rats, if anything is coming, let it find me here, I was born here, and all these years , I've never left this place, at this age, how could you tell me to move? " Said an old man that was walking using a stick, he had white hair on his head.

" Old man, we are not telling you to move away forever, this is just the solution that the city lord gave out, after whatever is making this commotion is over, we will be coming back, even the guards are moving to that area! " Said this humble guard.

As all this was going on, the city lord, once again received a massage from one of his informants,

" Master Sendi, it's shadow1 reporting, the Frost family seems to be heading to the Eastern part of the city, none of them is coming to the central! "

After the City Lord heard this, he felt relieved as the eastern area only had some wealthy merchant families, and some martial artists who weren't that powerful, this meant that whatever the Frost hearts were going after wasn't in the central part of the City were almost all the businesses were found.

But this didn't mean that the trouble was over, it seemed that he had to personally make a trip to the eastern part of the city today!

As all this was happening, Jason, who was in his grandpa's hands was oblivious to this spectacle otherwise, he would only ask'who asked his father to make such a scene?'

In the Eastern part of the city, an overwhelming aura could be felt moving around this direction , in about five seconds, a middle aged man wearing a grey robe appeared,this was Dasak who came to get an explanation

Author: Will he get it?🤔🤔

He looked at around and located a building that had the words [Nothing Sweet Restaurant] on it, then he disappeared, when he reappeared again, he was on the entrance of the building.

"Who ever owns this den of thieves, come out now before I force to do so!"

These were the words that greeted Jason and his grandpa who had just reached the place, when Jason heard these words, he knew that it was over, that person that was inside the building was an overly powerful person, he believed that he wasn't even from this world ,As he always talked about it saying 'This dying small world ' which indicated that he was from somewhere bigger than this world!

Now, his father has come to his place, arrogantly saying that if he didn't get out, then he would force him to do so!, how are they going to handle this issue?.

At this moment, all the elders had reached, they all looked at the building, when they saw it's name, they wondered what the family head was looking for from it, as all this was happening, inside the building, the guardian was seeing this scene through his 'Divine Sense'.

"Hmmm? What is going on? Why is this weakling yelling at the entrance of my building? I don't think I did anything wrong to him not so?" Asked the guardian as he stroked his cat as always.

"Master, you may not have done anything wrong to him, but what about that first customer of yours?" Asked the 'cat' that was in his arms.

"Ehh? I think I've understood what is going on, according to the Karmic lines, he is very angry because I 'fraud' his son's spirit fragments!" Said the guardian as he quickly went outside of the building

Meanwhile outside of the building, Jason was trying hard to make his father shut up, but the man wasn't listening at all, he just continued insulting the guardian!

As Dasak was shouting, he saw a young man who seemed to be in his twenties coming out of the building, the young man yawned and looked at all of them and asked

"Why are you shouting in front of my building? Do you want to die early that much?


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