824 Sky Tower

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

"Sky Tower? Beside these words, Wang Lu didn't leave any other clues?"

At the Ten Thousand Arts Sect, an elderly cultivator with heavy glasses tapped the table with dissatisfaction.

"What does Wang Lu think of our Ten Thousand Arts Sect? Universal wishing machine where he could get whatever he wants? Does he respect the academic spirit and understand architectural design? Wanting to break the space barrier of Nine Regions with a tower is too whimsical!"

In front of the old man, Elder Lu Li from the Heavenly Sword Hall of Spirit Sword Sect smiled slightly and said, "What Daoist Friend Shi Fang said is quite reasonable. There has never been a building that could break the space barrier of Nine Regions in the entire history of Nine Regions. However, this is only limited to 'history.' Don't forget that not long ago, one building successfully broke the space barrier."


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