805 Hole-In-One

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

When Wang Lu sent the Nine-Tailed Fox to the Central Region to suppress the internal strife, he had two considerations.

First, he had other arrangements.

The frontline situation in the crack in the sky was already precarious. Since they lost contact with Wang Wu, Senior Gem Emperor led a group of Earth Immortals to the scene as soon as possible, and formed a solid line of defense--this was an emergency strategy that had been determined long ago. However, this so-called emergency strategy could not be sustained. The line of defense of Senior Gem Emperor could only persist for a period of time before it crumbled under the constant impact of the servant army. Once the line of defense was broken, the situation in Nine Regions would be extremely critical. At this time, Wang Lu was the only one who was qualified to go to the front line to support and turn the table around.


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