766 Fighting a Duel With the Great Devil King

Translator: AL_Squad Editor: Chrissy

"Phew… The taste certainly stands out from the masses."

In the narrow room, Wang Wu sighed, and then looked at the messy cups and plates on the dining table in front of her with a slightly bitter smile.

The big black dog meat that Xiaoqi cared so much, tasted really extraordinary, delicious and very unique.

How could the taste of the dog meat, which was transformed from an Earth Immortal, not be unique? This meant that by following Xiaoqi, she had the chance to eat such a good meal. Although Wang Wu was not as greedy as Xiaoqi, ordinarily, she hadn't lacked all kinds of vices, which included being a voracious glutton. And this delicacy was definitely a surprise.

But she was not really happy.

Because it was no longer possible to share this joy of enjoying food, but instead it added a sense of melancholy when parting.

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