Prologue: A King's Game

His headache flairing up in the morning, the Titan angrily threw an empty wine pitcher against the doorframe to his bedroom to call for a servant and bellowed madly. "Get me some harder liquor! This wine from the south is as weak as cat piss. Get me some real northern whiskey"

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As to not anger their master, the nearest servant instantly started running, praying that there was still a bottle of northern whisky left. Hearing the servant's step echo comming from outside, Marcus swung his legs out of bed and sat up, one han on his normally empty nightstand. Feeling smooth leather instead of rough wood under his finders he discovered a huge worn out leather book on his nightstand.

Mocked for his illiteracy, the knight was surprised to discover that he was able to actually read the books title 'A King's Game'. Confused and excited despite his pounding headache, he opened the book and started reading.

By the time, the servant returned to his master's bed chamber, he was momentarily doubting his eyes since his master renounced through the empire for his barbaric ways was actually reading a book.

"Give the bottle and leave." Was all Marcus told the servant without even raising his head but and outstretched hand. Uncomfortable with this surreal situation, of his still naked master reading in bed, the servant handed over the bottle and quickly left.

Meanwhile Marcus had finished the first chapter and drank straight from the bottle, still deep in thought. Following the surreal Prologe of Abysswatcher being slaughtered by Wraiths, the now clear headed knight realized that the book didn't contain knowledge of the past but present and possibly future since the even truggering the events of the first chapter had already happened. The Imperial Advisor had after all recently died under more or less dubious circumstance.

Contemplating that and much more, now that his mind was not numbed by pain and clear for the fist time in his life many things started to reveal themselves to him. Currently just as the first chapter described, the Emperor was visiting the King in the North to make him become the Next Imperial Advisor.

Considering the war that tumbled the Dynasty of Light, the Northern King's crucial roll in it and the deep friendship between the New Emperor and King, it made sense to even Strong to make the King in the North, Imperial Advisor. But one think made Marcus somewhat confused. Instead of focusing on the New Emperor and Empress the book so far focused on the Royal Family of the North.

His whiskey bottle half empty, Marcus found himself unable to read further since previously unthinkable thoughts grew in his mind and simply couldn't sit no longer. Having gotten dressed with the book he soon went out to search teward.

Meanwhile on his way, he suddenly realized why neither he himself nore his estranged half-brother had any heir. Considering both their unnatural tall and inhuman muscular size, Marcus was very tempted to slam his skull into a wall and die, for not realizing it sooner. Even though he had raped countless women and married trice, he had neither fathered a bastard nore a heir and the reason for that was... his bloodline was too strong...

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