4 Chapter 4: Two dead and one a Champion

Advancing smoothly from one round to the next, Marcus was surprised to not only see Sir Typhon to do so as well but to also see the former Imperial Advisor's squire turned knight to do so as well. But knowing the tragedy that would soon befall the young knight anointed less than a month ago, he could only shake his head in pity.

And soon, just as it was described in his book, after a hard collision, the young knight was not only pushed out of his saddle but also a piece wood found it's way into his throat. Gurgeling and blood puking the young man died only a moment later in the sands of the arena.

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Witnessing the young man's corpse be carried away, Marcus soon heared the Court Marshal announce. "The tournament will take a brake in honor of the life lost. In the finals are Sir Typhon..." Many ladies swooned and screamed in excitement. "... and Sir Strong." The screaming audience instantly turned dead silent.

Ignoring the disgusted looks of the masses, Marcus looked up to the Imperial Family. There inbetween Prince Tom and Lord Verris, the spotted his soon to be wife Princess Cyrilla. He couldn't wait to have the King in the West to arrive and the true show to begin. Hopefully the Emperor wouldn't be going on a hunting trip too soon.

"I didn't know that father is letting his guard dog run wild and allowing it to extend it's paws where it doesn't belong." Marcus suddenly heared a familiar self righteous voice say.

Turning around to face the voice's owner, he instantly entered a staring contest with Sir James Westborn, his life's eldest son, the Empress's brother/lover and most likely the Empire's most eligible bachelor. Didn't Marcus know the man to be a Kingslayer, he would most likely thought the man to be the perfect knight.

Taking one sudden step closer to the man, Marcus got the satisfaction of seeing the man break eye contact. Knowing the arrogant asshole to be his future wife's true father, he compromised by saying. "King Tristan will soon arrive to get some things in order."

"I didn't know that?!" Replied Sir James, shock and surprise laced in his voice.

Seeing his brother Samson rush to Sir James's side, Marcus walked away by stating ominously. "Now you know..."

"Brother we need to talk." Marcus soon heared Samson shout from behind him.

"Not now..." Shouted Marcus back without slowing his step. "... I still have a flower to crush..."

And a flower he would be crushing, Sir Strong thought when riding his horse to face the Sir Typhon. Using his books knowledge, Marcus had already changed his male warhorse for a mare knowing the Rose Knight to be riding mare in heat to confuse his horse.

As the horse underneath him picked up speed, Marcus at first leaned back and aimed his lance at the upper left corner Typhon's silver shield only to at the last minute lean forward and into his thrust propelling his Lance slightly upward and to the left. As such his Lance didn't end up hitting his opponent's shield but fancy helmet. With wood hitting metal the distinct cound of metal bending and bones breaking, Sir Typhon the Rose Knight was flung of his horse and onto the ground, his beautiful face no more.

Throwing away his broken lance, Marcus turned his horse around to see his handy work only to discover the King's youngest brother Lord Rudolph Eastborn look like beaten wife who just saw that her husband was killed. From the handy book currently placed above his heart, he knew the King's brother and now dead knight to be lover's despite the Lord's engagement to Sir Typhon's sister Lady An.


Meanwhile on the other side of the world a young princess was having a grand weeding feast that only Thyris herself knew would be her last supper. Following her brother's wishes she had married the Stallion but she wouldn't be humiliated so far as to consummate the marriage. In her mind, she already saw herself step into the flames and be consumed by it or become a true dragon.

Still sitting beside her husband like a delicate ornamental flower, many riders had come forward to pay tribute to Kal and bless their union. From exotic pelts to sparkly diamonds every and anything of value had been presented to the couple so far until a knight dressed as a merchant stood before Thyris and the Kane.

Just going by his rugged and gruff feactures, she instantly knew him to be from the Empire her former home. Kneeling infront of her inmates of the Kane, the man stated. "Good to see you my princess. I am Joden Mortimer, Exiled Knight of the Empire, my Queen. May the Userper soon fall and the reign of the Lightborn return."

"Good to see you Sir Mortimer, it is even better to know that House Lightborn has it's bannermen!..." Arrogantly chimed Thyris elder brother in before neither groom nore bride could say anything. "... I guess I can count on your sword in the war to come?!"

Slightly embarest, Sir Jorden shook his head as he stated. "I am just an Exiled Knight bearing gifts for the princess..."

"What gifts did you bring, Sir Knight?" Asked Thyris able to feel her husband's rage ignited beside her caused solely by her brother's arrogant words.

"Two dragon eggs from the far East." Sir Jordan proudly proclaimed presenting two scaly stone eggs, one black the other grey.

Instantly feeling some sort of feble connection between herself and those two eggs snapped into place, Thyris exclaimed excitedly. "Oh, my how magical!"

"Just some painted stones worth nothing..." Snorted Thyris brother even more arrogantly than before. "... Nobody, not even our father was able to sucessfully hedge an egg in last thousand years and ours back in the Capital were from Doombringer the Great Blackwing."

"I have had enough of your insufferable words Exiled Prince..." Suddenly bursed Kal the Stallion angrily out, swinging his sword at the young and arrogant Lightborn Prince. "... Offer your head!"

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