13 Chapter 13: The Band of the Unhanged

Having snatched her white dress shirt of the ground, before she followed after her husband, Cyrilla ran into him not even two steps out of the door. Falling on her ass, she looked up and saw two mutulated corpses get kicked through the railing. Having to hear bones crack and flesh alive only seconds ago splatter all over wooden floor, the young girl just barely kept herself from puking.

Following Marcus thunderous challenge, the clashing of swords abruptly stopped and Cyrilla heared a gruff male voice ask. "Good Lord! Is that you Strong?"

"Newborn is that you under that rusty piece of shit?" Growled Marcus angrily before jumping down the first floor through the broken railing.

Not wanting to see corpses and spilled guts but having to see her beloved fight, Cyrilla crawled to the edge walkway overlooking the ground floor just as swords clashed and men screamed. Down surrounded by several clieved corpses Marcus clashed swords with a red bearded man in rusty armor.

From her elevated position, the young girl could clearly see that Marcus was dominating the fight through overwhelming strength instead of skill. With an uncle that was rebound through the Empire as one of the greatest swordsman, Cyrilla could clearly see that despite having never touched a sword herself until Marcus.

"Still fighting like a mad dog than a knight I see!" Moked the bandit leader, clearly familiar with Marcus fighting style.

Forcing the man to kneel and his sword crack, Cyrilla could clearly see Marcus grip the upper edge of his greatsword and press it downwards. Under the scraping sound of metal, Marcus's soon forced his sword not only through his opponents blade but also into his neck.

Pulling his sword out of the red bearded corpse, Marcus spit in his face stating. "To kill somebody like you needs no skill only strength!"

That said with the leaders course hit the floor as soon as Marcus's greadsword was removed and the fight was over. Taking the stairs, Cyrilla ran to her husband and jumped the man, without thinking about her unsuitable attire of only panties and a dress shirt.

Relying more on pure instinct than thought out reason, Lord Strong let go of his sword in favour of Cyrilla's tight butt cheeks.

"Hahaha, I didn't know that you had it in you. Three must be your lucky number I guess!" Suddenly laughed the red bearded corpse instantly ruining the couples mood for sex once more.

Annoyed by this annoying aquintance that just wouldn't stay dead, Marus growled through clenched teeth. "Just shut up and stay dead like a good corpse, will you!"

"Ne, what would the fun in that be..." Replied the corpse in rusty armor sarcastically before mournfully looking at his broken sword. "... What a waste... I quite liked that sword!"

Hours later with corpses buried and wounds tended to, the survivors had themselves a rather intimate feast. Still wearing his helmed, the King in the North sat wordlessly right beside his youngest daughter, Cyrilla rested quite comfortably in her husband's lab half a sleep and the Bandits leader who was fittingly named Godfrey Newborn dined opposite Marcus.

Meanwhile at other tables the atmosphere was much better with ale running as former enemies embraced themselves in drinking- or card-games.

While having his nicked neck set and open wound sewed by the innkeeper's wife, Newborn eventually asked. "So, Strong... A third wife how did that happened?"

"God lucky, I guess." Replied Marcus slightly annoyed by the other man's cocky grin and spiteful words.

"I can smell a noble woman from miles away..." Stated Godfrey proudly before he asked again. "... And your little bird smells like high born pussy, so who is she?"

"Non of your business or do I have to bash in your had next time?" Threatened Marcus, his tolerance for the man opposite him rapidly depleting.

"Okay, okay, I get it. No need to bash my head in. Stuff like that only hurts my memories..." Noted the bandit leader with empty hands for all to see. "... So when was the last time we saw each other? The fall of the Crystal Palace? No, can't be. I was with the Kingslayer that day and you already got yourself some imperial pussy. Tell me how did Empress Elena's pussy feel like once you smashed her childrens heads in?"

Feeling his little wife's breath quicken in fright despite having already heared that story most likely already, Marcus realised that she was less asleep than he thought and so he changed the subject with a question of his own. "Your Lordship, why did you trade that in for a band of outlaws?"

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"We call yourself the 'Band of the Unhanged'..." Corrected Newborn before he further explained. "... Most of us fought for the Lightborn and are now hunted through the Empire."

"They did, but not you. You were a bannerman in service to the Eastborn. A true Lord of East!" Suddenly commented Norman Northborn.

"Aye, that I was and would still be if not for the new King in the East, his selfrightous Highness Salazar Eastborn..." Replied Godfrey before he downed a pint of ale in one go. "... Ah, that feels good! That arsehole of a lord had me tried for hunting royal deer in the royal woods shortly after the war."

"And did you?" Toying with his own cup, the King in the North asked.

Enraged the Lord turned outlaw bellowed angrily.  "Aye, I did but I couldn't have had my wife and my people starved. Emperor Randall's Rebellion stole the grain right out of every Eastern Lords bowl and was never returned."

"I am sorry to her that Mr. Newborn..." Calmed Noman the man down. "... I didn't know that the Lords of the East were treated so badly, especially War Heroes like you. I remember seeing you break through the fortifications of the Lightborn at the Crossroads with a flaming sword."

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