12 Chapter 12: Nightly Disturbance

By the time, Marcus had gathered the majority of his men, some still lost in the capital's numerous taverns and brothels, he found his wife enthusiastically entertaining their guests. Seeing his young wife hold the Northborn's ancestral blade that would soon be his, a sudden surge of happiness and love assaulted his senses.

Still dealing with these foreign emotions, Marcus soon stepped into the lobby to greet his guests. "I see you were able to get atleast one of your daughter's and my sword."

"That, I did..." Replied the King in the North with a grim expression , one hand on his daughter the tomboy his other hand gripping this ancestral greatsword and bargaining chip. "... But first things first how will we get out of the city?"

"My wife, me and my entourage will leave the capital through the North Gate..." Started Marcus his explanation. "... But you my dear friend will take the sewers."

Following that, Cyrilla and Marcus left the capital on horseback and just in time to see the Imperial Guard close the Gate behind them. Riding east, they soon picked up the Northborn duo of father and daughter muddied from head to toe with feces.

"I suggest the two of you get a good wash as soon as possible." Was all Cyrilla commented while booking incredibly gorgeous wearing tight brown leather pants and matching but heeled leather boots.

Still wearing his oiled Marauder Armor, Marcus saw a large number or messenger birds flying under pale moon light. "I guess, now it is official. The Crown Prince has become Emperor!"

"And war will soon begin..."Added Norman seriously with some heartfelt regret. "... At this point, I can only hope that Randall's brothers don't start fighting each other before the capital is taken but I wouldn't count on it."

That said their group traveled several kilometres on the Emperor's Route in the cover of darkness before they finally reached a In on the side of the rode. With everybody exhausted and the Nortborns still reeking of feces, Marcus decided for them to rest at the In just before midnight.

"I never expected that I would be spending my wedding night on horseback escaping the capital..." Jokingly mused Cyrilla while losening her white dress shirt, her gloves, boots and pants already discarded.

Meanwhile Marcus had already placed his precious armor infront of their bed and was currently sitting bare chested on one side of it facing Cyrilla. "And I only ever dreamed about marrying a cute Princess like you."

Weren't you already married twice before?" Asked Cyrilla while hiding her grown nervousness behind humor. Having her dresshirt fully unbuttoned she was by now only wearing it and some white fabric hugging her nether region.

Picking up on his little wife's nervousness, Marcus pulled her lightly by her neck to face him. Only now with him sitting and her standing up, they for the first time were the same eye level.

Looking and losing himself in her ice green eyes, he eventually asked her. "What do you know of the relations between husband and wife?"

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"Only what the Deep Healing Church teaches, I suppose..." Stated Cyrilla deeply embarrassed by her lack of education in that regard. Couldn't her mother told her about it instead of having a priester 'enlighten' her. "... From love come children."

"Bahaha... Theoretically they are right, but do you know the technicalities of expressing 'love'..." Asked Marcus half laughing before he sobered up upon Cyrilla's ceriously irritated look. "... Do you want me to teach you?"

Blushing profusely Cyrilla didn't dare to breake eye contact and only nodded timidly. Feeling Marcus right hand find it's way through her hair and to the back of her skull, her heart beat quickened and her started chest heaved. Leaning back into his rough but comfortable embrace, the former princess found herself yearning for knight's kiss.

Recalling her first kiss during the wedding ceremony, she involuntary breaks eye contact and before her senses could fully comprehend what was happening, memory become reality. Smelling the musky flaver unique to her husband as a sweet and innocent kiss turned into something more, Cyrilla didn't even notice that Marcus had pulled her against his chest until hairy touched soft and his hands roamed her body.

Taking full possession of the girl, soon woman that would father his children, Marcus found her perfect in nearly every way except her relatively small breasts and trimmed but unshaven pubic hair. Delicate and smooth skin, sturdy hips and a beautiful face framed by steaks of gold that smelled like fresh lavender, Marcus could swear that he would have go insane if he wouldn't be able to claim his wife right then and there.

With her dress shirt already stealthily discarded, only a thin piece of fabric remained on Cyrilla's body, when suddenly the mood was ruined by the sounds of swords clashing right in front of their room.

That's when Marcus snapped and Cyrilla witnessed his split second transformation from skillful lover to ruthless butcher. Before the young girl even knew what was happening, Marcus had already snatched his greatsword from his bedside and stormed to the door.

Unceremoniously thrown onto the bed, she yelped in surprise and only saw her knight's hulking figure for a split second in the door before it slammed shut.

Meanwhile on the other side of the door Marcus had already burried his sword in not one but two men in rusty briganden armor with just one swing. Seeing the ground floor overrun by bandits facing of against the King in the North and his own men, he felt sonething hit his back, but didn't bother to think anything of it. With a ruthless grin on his face, he pulled his blade out of the corpses infront of him and clicked them off the railing, as he bellowed. "WHO DARES?!"

With corpses crushing through the first floors railing and hitting the wooden ground floor below, Marcus instantly demanded everybody's attention.

In reply, the apparently leader of the attackers asked shocked. "Good Lord! Is that you Strong?"

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