10 Chapter 10: The Empress's Vengeance

A few days later, a day before his Wedding, Marcus was informed by one of his brother that the Emperor had suddenly fallen ill.

-And so it begins...- Thought Marcus as he red the message hastily pinned by Samson. -... Let's hope that the old hare lives long enough for me to marry my little bunny and take her to Windhelm.-

Thinking about what would happen next if things were still going as depicted in 'A King's Game'. Next up the Emperor would install the King in the North as Regent.

But the former Crown Prince was already dismissed as heir, so would the Emperor's younger brother the King in the East rise to Emperor or would the Emperor's youngest brother rebell? After all he did rebell against his older brother in 'A King's Game' during the War of Four Kings.

-Questions over questions but non of them are my concern..." Thought Marcus before he remembered the current King in North's fate according to the book's. -... Maybe I can support King Northborn and get his ancestral greatsword 'Frost' in exchange.-

Thinking about that as he was watching the citizen on the street from his room, Marcus dismissed the thought of openly opposing his technically former liege the King in the West. After all who would want to anger a man with to much money and the will to hire assassins as cheap labour.

-No, I will not help Northborn in the throne room when he claims his Rights as Regent but I theoretical can get him out of jail and send him North...- Decided Marcus as he grabbed a southern whiskey and plucked it's cork as he told himself. -... That way the War of Four Kings should become the War of Three Kings or at best a War between brothers in case King Tristan doesn't insists on his Grandson become Emperor.-

That thought, Marcus decided to spend the rest of the day training and got familiar with his new domain in the the North-East of the Empire that would soon become his home.


The next day, during his Wedding Ceremony no less, Marcus was informed by a priest he had bribed that Emperor Randall had died.

-Fuck, I am running out of time.- Thought Marcus, himself dressed in his uncomfortable ceremonial silver suit of armor and Cyrilla in a beautiful white wedding dress that clung to her like a clove.

"What did the priester tell you?..." Asked him Cyrilla in a hushed voice as the Pontiff recieved some verses. "... Is it about the Emperor?"

"The Emperor is dead and I fear that your mother will call of our engagement." Replied Marcus behind the palm of his hand.

"... And in the Name of the Creator, I proclaim you husband and wife..." Soon Pontiff Levan announced before he told a visibly nervous Marcus calmly. "...You may kiss your bride, Sir Knight."

In no need to be told twice, Marcus instantly bowed down to his fragile but happy wife and claimed her lips with his own.

Feeling Lord Strong's lips press her own, his toung forcing her mouth open, Cyrilla instantly became intoxicated by the gruff but flavorful tast of him. With her hard beating faster, she soon took her husband's outstretched hand as they walked out of the Cathedral.

On their way out, she overheard a young squire tell Marcus. "The Emperor named the King in the North Regent effective immediately. Now he is on his way to Crystal Throne but Consort Westborn has already named the former Crown Prince Emperor."

"Thank you Brian..." Replied Marcus and his grip on Cyrilla hardened. "... Have the carriage readied. We may have to leave within the hour for Windhelm."

"Yes, my Lord." Heared Cyrilla the squire named Brian reply.

With a sweet soothing voice Cyrilla asked Marcus. "Everything okay, my dear?"

"I hope so bet I wouldn't bet on it." Was all he told her but his grip on her hand remained unchanged.

By the time, the newly wedded couple returned to Westhall to get Cyrilla's stuff, the she once more over heared a concersation between Marcus and his brother Samson Strong. Seeing the two brothers side by side, the young wife marveled about the fact how tall and strong both men were before realizing that she would have to most likely give birth to another Strong born which caused her to sudder.

-How was a tiny woman like me to give birt to giants like them?...- She thought and another thought caused her to panic even more. -... Also considering how big his fingers are how big must be his member? Oh, no!-

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"I don't know how you knew, but the Empress has burned the document that would have made the King in the North Regent and had him arrested for treason..." Stated Samson Strong before he added the question. "... But more importantly what will you do with this information, brother?"

Cursing, Marcis voiced his thoughts. "Shit, I already guessed this would happen. Where is King Northborn being held? The Imperial Dungeon or Crystal Dungeon?"

"Crystal. The new Emperor likes to keep his prisoners close apparently..." Explaimed the sellsword with an uncaring expression.

"Sick fuck..." Was all Marcus commented before he added. "... Thanks for your help, I'll have to go!"

Smirking, Samson asked. "Fucking your young new bride?"

"Containing a war but that, too if there is some time." Replied Markus already on his way out.

Still lost in her own imagination regarding her wedding night, Cyrilla was still looking at the crowded entrance of Westhall even after Marcus tall back wasn't seen any more and servants started to ask her out about what to back and what to leave behind.

Occupied with all that the young bride didn't think any further about what she had just heared. Had Cyrilla done that, she most likely wouldn't have been so blissfully unaware about the huge storm her husband's actions would cause to the Empire.

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