1 Chapter 1: Plans set in motion

Ever since a servant had reported to Steward Kain, that the master of the Strong Keep had started reading, great changes had taken place. First of Sir Strong changed all death sentences into forced labour in the iron and copper mines, than he commishoned a new set of armor with an emphasis on flexibility and mobility instead of weight and strength and as of recently the Lord started on a new training regiment.

Since Marcus headaches had vanished for good and his mind became increasingly sharp, more and more brilliant ideas were formed in his mind. Having already red one seventh of the book, he had a very clear vision of the near future. And so the knight known in the five kingdoms for his stupidity and brutality started to change for the better as came up with immediate and long term goals.

From 'A King's Game' he new that the Emperor would soon succumb to the Empress's poison and the King in the North would be executed for treason since he figured out, that the Empress's children were her twin brother's and not the Emperor's.

And not to forget the Treats of Wraiths raising in the Empire and the Princess of Light and her White Dragon comming from the east to reclaim her birthright.

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As such, Marcus decided to prevent the northern King's execution, which was in itself funny since the most dishonorable knight would be saving the most honorable one, and get the King's sacred silver greatsword. Simultaneously he would tell the King in the West, the Empress's father and Marcus's liege about the Empress's incestuous relationship with her brother that was currently serving as an Imperial Guard. That way, Marcus could get his hands on the Imperial Princess Cyrilla, the woman with mostly the weakest bloodline in the Empire.

Exited to think about not only getting a fabled weapon of the northern king, but also bedding the imperial princess in the short term and possibly becoming a Dragonslayer in the not so distant future, Marcus still had to travel to the Capital for now to attend an imperial tournament in honor of the Northern King assuming the roll of Imperial Advisor before getting any of that...


Meanwhile inside the Crystal Palace, her highness the Imperial Princess Cyrilla Eastborn, blissfully unaware that the Empire's most frightening bachelor was after her, had returned from her families trip north and was taking a bath in the imperial bath overlooking the capital.

Being a lady of noble birth and just fourteen years old, Cyrilla as a stunning beauty just like her mother the Empress who held the title of the most beautiful flower in the Empire.

With long blond and slightly wavy hair, ice blue eyes, a slim but curvy hourglass shaped body, average but still developing breasts and sturdy hips that could take a good thumping, the princess no doubt had many admirers.

Swimming naked inside a pool of milk and honey, Cyrilla asked her maid Maddie. "I am wondering how mother is doing... With father neglecting and dishonoring her so much, only uncle can still get her to smile... Is uncle currently with mother? What do you think Maddie?"

Lowering her head, the maid replied. "This maid is unaware of her Highness's schedule."

"That's what I feared..." Murmered Cyrilla to herself  before she asked. "... Do you atleast know where my brother's are?"

"That, I do..." Replied Maid Maddie with a nod, her head still lowered as she explained. "... Your older brother is currently in the Imperial Gardens with his fiance the northern Princess and your younger brother is currently being instructed by Grandmaster Ellen."

"Poor Princess Sarah... She will soon enough regret her wish to married my older brother once he reveals his true nature to her..." Commented Cyrilla as she explained the bath and the golden fuzz between her was revealed. "... Send word to my younger brother to meet me for tea and cookies once his studies are over."

"Yes, my lady..." Replied Maddi, as she handed a fluffy white towel to the princess before she retrieved a open razor and a small bowl with shaving cream. "... Does my lady wish a trim or a full shave?"

"A full shave as always..." Replied Cyrilla, as she whipped herself dry and sad down on a small chair, her legs spread wide. "... Can't have mother think that I am like our northern redhead, can I?"


Meanwhile on the other side of the world just as the 'A King's Game' described it, a young and innocent Princess of Light was being sold by her brother that was supposed to become her husband. Born the day their Dynasty fell and their father fass killed in battle, Princess Thyris stood in front of the manor of one of her brother's supporters like a common slave at auction.

With her malnutritioned and slender figure, sunken cheeks and black crescent moons below her eyes, the only things different between Thyris and a common slave were her ash white hair and clear blue eyes, the signature feactures of a Lightborn.

Wearing only a thin see though light blue gown and nothing more, Thyris started trembling as soon as she heared horses fast approaching. Feeling her brother's tight grip around her wrist, the former princess wanted to scream in fright and hide but kept up a storm expression as bare chested and hairy riders came into view.

Leading the charge of wild riders, a tall, dark and muscular man with a long beard and countless golden and silver rings woven into it. The man's name Kal the Stallion, Kane of the Tribes and Thyris soon to be husband.

"Keep calm, impress him..." Thyris heared her elder brother whisper her as he pushed her from behind. "... make him desire you... So that I get an army to take back my throne. Or do you want to awaken the dragon, dear sister?!"

Trust in front of her brother's entourage to face the Kane and his wild riders on her own, the young princess steeled herself to bravely face her future. She was a Lightborn after all.

Miraculously the Kal and his riders stopped right infront of her and she could even feel the Kane's stallion's hot breath on her face. Looking up the black horse and at it's rider, Thyris breath stopped breathing, as dark eyes pinned her in place. Contrary to her brother's violent domination of her, the Kane's rule over her like was silent agreement similar to the relation between Prey and Predator.

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