1 Chapter 1: The Phase

My name is Willow Gonzalez and I am 16 years old and in have I boring life. I have a mother who is OCD now and a father who thinks mother is in over her head with issues if her own that she can't seem to shake herself from. I wake up Monday morning feeling light-headed and I shake off the feeling and got to the bathroom to brush my tram and do my hair.i hear a knock on my door and call out for the person to open it cause it's unlocked. I meet my father's gaze in the mirror and he has a frown on his face rather that the usual scowl or smile depending on what his mood is.

"You need to know something about yourself before it's too late for you" he says and I stop brushing my hair and wait for him to speak.

"Your a vampire of pure blood which means you never died you were born a vampire and I just fed you blood and some milk occasionally when you were a baby" he says and I almost faint. I stare at him for a second but then I laugh it off cause I've always are regular food and regular drinks and human food and stuff. He grabs my arm and steers me towards my mother and his room. Be shuts the door and my mother comes from the bathroom and smiles at me before actually seeing our situation and she sits down on the bed.

"You told her?" she asks him

"Yes but it seems as though she doesn't believe what I am saying" he gives me a knowing look and I cross my arms at my mother.

"Is this true mother?" I ask her

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"No sweety and it's time I tell you and your father the whole truth now" she motions for us to sit on the bed on either side of her and she wipes a year away from her cheeks.

"When I was with your father and he said he loved me I felt sick and that's because I was pregnant with YOU sweety and nobody knows this but your not your father's daughter your a different man's DNA along with mine and I should have told you but sweety your not a vampire you are a werewolf baby" she says and I immediately figure why I always have this heat flashes.

"That explains the hear flashes I've been having but what's his name?" I ask her and she goes stock still and I see my father get up and he crosses the room to where my younger brother stands with his mouth agape and he is like in shock. Father looks at him and tries to explain that he is not a vampire yet cause he isn't fully big yet. I look into my mother's eyes and ask her the same question.

"What was his name mother?" I ask her more forcefully out of my mouth than what I was trying to convey as a curious voice but made it sound mad..

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