The fear of death follows from the fear

of life. A man who lives fully is

prepared to die at anytime.

~ Mark Twain

Unknown POV

I look down from the high skyscraper I stood on, the constant anger that brewed within me was hotter today, along side the scorching pain of the burns that seared through my back. He had used a hot pitchfork iron on me, he's quite annoyed with me today and I am under strict instructions to not come back until I take three innocent lives. I have orchestrated one. Car accident, the little girl was bleeding out profusely while paramedics tried their best to control it. I take a cigarette from my pocket and light it instantly with a flick of my fingers. I felt the girl's soul get sucked into me, easing the pain and anger I feel. My euphoria was caught short by her voice. Her sweet warm voice.

"Thanatos! What have you done?"

I sigh and stub the cigarette I didn't smoke.

I turn back and gasp as my eyes fell on the goddess. Hebe.

"Hades is angry Hebe. He needed more"

Hebe rolls her bright green eyes, "He always wants more. Have you forgotten that you were supposed to consult me before taking any lives? Do you know what you have done?"

I walk closer to her, "Please, I need two more innocent lives, then I'll go"

Hebe looks angrily at me, "No! Go to another dimension and collect your souls there. No more for my dimension"

"I'll owe you I promise. You'll need it one day. These pesky humans need miracles one time or the other"

"You expect me, an angel to believe a demon. Have you gone mad? Of course not! I'm in charge of these pesky humans as you put it. Don't make me report this to higher authorities"

"You'll risk me getting in trouble with Lucifer?"

Her face was set firm, "To save an innocent life"

She is beautiful. My Hebe. Her dark raven hair with her tanned caramel skin. Eyes that are greener than Emerald gems.

"How long has it been Hebe, five hundred and thirty-something years? Do you remember? How it was like to be human? Do you remember how it was to be in love? Our children, do you remember them? How we loved each other before we were separated by death and now by kingdoms. You thrive being in the light and I'm darkness. I never wanted this. We both didn't"

Her long white robe glimmer with light and she held her head higher.

"It was a long time ago. Thanatos. I see you still have your memories just like how your blue-green eyes have never changed. Take your souls. We lose innocent lives every day after all. But don't you forget. You owe me three lives."

With that she disappeared. I sigh and look down. The girl was dead. I could feel her scared soul trembling in me, "Shh little one, I'll take you to Anubis, he'll determine if you are a good soul, bad soul or like me- a supernatural"

The tattoos matted on my body begin to dance frivolously, overjoyed by the presence of the girl's soul.

I was calm now and I felt no pain. It was always like this when I had a soul in me to deliver. But by the time I delivered it, the pain and anger returns. The cycle continues.

I hope I was able to repay Hebe of the souls she requested in good time. As easy as it sounds, it isn't a piece of cake. Getting souls to deliver takes a lot of deciding.

Which of these ungrateful humans will be worthy enough to be reborn?

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