Once Dead Twice Living Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Once Dead Twice Living


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'My neighborhood is always quiet but there was something in this silence. I hear a clunk sound come from the living room and I move there, my heart beating awfully loud and fast. I didn't even know why I was scared. "Sniffles", I whisper. Reaching the living room it was dark and I reach the wall to turn on the lights. The lights came on before I could reach it. And a surprised shriek escape my lips' ***************************************** What would you do if you find the boy confirmed to be dead for five years, sitting in your living room? Freak out? Faint? Call the cops? Or would you go for the 'I must be hallucinating' phrase? When Stephan Stones appears into Elizabeth's life again, she was left with two choices; to make him fall in love with her or be responsible for his non-existence. Would the cocky rude playboy fall for the clutzy shy Elizabeth? Or is he forever damned to eternal death? One thing is clear: Nothing will remain the same.