1 Prologue

Sanguis has been the merchandise of a wealthy slave merchant ever since he was born 3 years ago. He never knew his parents but those parents are the people who sold him.

All Sanguis heard was the rattling of locks and chains, the room was pitch black in order to keep the slaves and other animals from fighting until...

Scrape, Scrape

The slave merchant used a switch to turn all the lights in the basement exposing all the slaves and animals to the light. Blinded by the light Sanguis could make out two people both seemingly human.

As Sanguis's eyes dilated he could make out the faces of the people, the first person was the slave merchant the second person was probably a customer. The customer had ice blue eyes and an expression that was set in stone. He looked upon the slaves as if he was looking at a pet.

As both the merchant and the customer approached Sanguises cage the customer said ¨I'll have this one¨ Sanguis had been abused and treated like garbage for his entire life so being sold was actually a relief to him. The slave trader grabbed him by the chain and threw him in the truck with the ice cold customer. Taking Sanguis to the man's home.