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Prologue - Small Window

A small window,

A small room and a small girl.

In the small room with a small window there was only a dirty mattress. Near the mattress a dirty bucket and on the floor, is the small girl.

The girl is just looking outside of the window.

Her hair is gray, dirty and in clumps. Sprawled all over the floor.

Her hair is so long you can't even see her eyes.

You can see their shine though.

The red glow of them just reflects back the moonlight that comes out of that small window.

The color of her skin, same as her hair, is gray due to the muck and dirt of the floor. But one thing's for sure… this child wasn't fed well.

Her arms and legs were very thin, as if she had never heard of something called food before.

That long hair I mentioned earlier… would often move and get disturbed by a long and powerful dragon-like tail.

This hair as well, hid the dark wings that were chained tightly to one another, so the poor being couldn't fly.

Yet her appearance, despite all that, was somehow beautiful and majestic.

As if an angel had come down from the skys into this one room.

Despite her calm looks, she was like an animal.

Arrested for killing a farmer, she had no understanding of human language or behavior.

It was as if a wild dog had taken the appearance of a human child.

Due to her lack of communication and understanding skills, she often got beaten by the guards, at times to the brink of death. But despite it all she always recovered extremely quickly.

As time went on, she got older.

Her wings, tail and thorns grew larger and stronger.

By the time she was about the size of a 11 year old child, she was able to overpower a guard.

So the order came to leave the child be and just cut on her meals when she misbehaved.

And now, I just look upon her.

Despite everything… She still looks hopeful. She looks the most hopeful when looking at the moon. As if speaking to it.

The moon would always meet her eyes. Especially when she would look for it.

No rain, storm, cloudy night, no blinds could stop the moon from meeting the girl.

It was as if the moon was seeking for the girl, as if… the moon was in love with the girl. Telling her tales to ease her suffering.

And then one night, the girl bled.

The girl bled and a snake as red as her blood suddenly formed to avenge her suffering.

Chapter 1 - I did it

"HAha" a small child ran as she laughed loudly. Her weak body was slow and her wings badly injured, but nobody could even think of stopping her. A large flying snake was closely near the child making sure it didn't fall.

-I did it! I ran away!- the child thought as it ran. Behind here there was only smoke and a loud smell of blood.

The child didn't look back and just ran. She ran towards the forest. She ran further and further away from the scene she had committed.

By the time she was at a different village entrance, it was already morning. And her malnourished and weak body couldn't take anymore. She just collapsed. The snake that had followed so closely changed form to a small child and carried the poor child away from the village.

-Someone like her would be rejected by humans and captured once more.- thought the snake.

So it dragged her to a small ragged house far away from the village.

Deep inside of the forest.

The snake cared for the child with deep affection. It couldn't let its master die. The food is something it would get from the forest. Water would be collected through rain.

The snake had only its child form so it couldn't earn money for medicine, so the most it could do was wash them as regularly as possible.

And the child recovered. Slowly, but surely.

The more the child recovered the more the snake grew. The snake's human form became bigger by each day, and soon it was at the same size as the child it was taking care of.

As seasons went by and by, people from the village started to notice the existence of the snake and the small child. Old ladies and small children often came by the small wooden house to snoop around for the sight of the snake and the child.

The child did not trust humans at all, so it avoided their eyes willingly. However it seemed like the snake wasn't visible to a normal human eye.

However after a little while, the child was discovered by the villagers. Many wondered how a small child could survive by herself. But just like in the last village she lived in, the child could only defend herself by attacking or running. Soon the curiosity and compassion of the villagers turned into dislike and distaste of the child. Unlike in the last village, the snake was here to stop the child from killing. But villages wanted the child out of their village.

The child that couldn't speak, without a name or trust, made a friend.

It was a different child that was sent by the villagers to capture the child inside of the house.

The child's name was Ralph. He was a shy but kind boy.

After meeting the child, he gave her a name and often told her stories. Lillian became infatuated with Ralph.

He was an orphan in search of a family, he also didn't belong anywhere in the village. And Lillian was a being of unknown origin, with great lack of trust in humans and relationships.

They became close fast, they became more than friends even faster. It was like the spell was cast on the two children. Like a shield no one but them could enter.

Both seemed to share more than just feelings of loneliness together. As Ralph was also born with a pair of wings. He had no tail or horns but he did have a broken aura on his head.

He could fly and use simple magic, which made Lillian curious on what he could do.

Ralph couldn't leave the orphanage. And he would work in the mornings, but he promised Lillian he would come to see her every night. Then they would talk all night. Eat breakfast early in the morning, and Ralph would leave, so he wouldn't get caught by the orphanage head.

But at some point the boy stopped coming.

Lillian would wait for him until early mornings but he never came.

At first it was days, then months, then years, then decades. But the boy was nowhere to be found. Lillian, who still had the form of a child would often sneak near the orphanage, but the boy was nowhere in sight.

The lonely girl often wept, as the boy was the first and last person she trusted.

But despite it all she kept on waiting for him.

She practiced speaking a lot while the boy was visiting her, so much so that the snake could speak a little as well, but now she stopped speaking once more.

Maybe the boy received punishment for not killing Lillian and was killed.

The villagers from a decade ago, stopped bothering Lillian.

They were more so scared of the child now. Despite being as old as their children, she never aged past the point of an 11 year old child. Her hair would grow with time but she wouldn't. She was stuck in place.

The house that she was staying in would also age with other villagers. So much so that by the time she seemed to age a little, the house was already so old that it was breaking apart.

The snake also stayed the same by the girl's side.

Just the 2 of them staying the same.

After some time. A few centuries later, the girl went down to the town once more.

But by this point it wasn't just a small town anymore. Many things had changed.

(From this point on the story will be from the 1st person of Lillian)

Chapter 2 - A lonely girl

After walking down that path, I blinked and there was a metal door before me.

Turning around the path I took was gone and now there was just a wide road and fence left behind me.

I could only wonder where I was.

Blurgh was next to me. That snake was in a deep slumber and I didnt want to wake him.

I tried knocking on the precious doors that were so big, but there was no answer.

My precious wings disappeared. My horns and tail were still there, but remembering Blurghs words: "Child, no one should know of this precious gift God gave you. Especially not humans. Their Judging ways shall only hurt your pure heart." I decided to hide them.

Before long the weather got colder. I was too scared to roam around the city alone. My clothes were not fit it seemed. Maybe it was a very rich neighborhood, everyone wore such nice and warm clothes. It felt like, if I moved around like this I would just get stones thrown onto me, like in the past.

So I just sat there, it was cold but not as cold as the winters inside of my small wooden house. I just curled up and before long I heard footsteps to my right.

When I looked up, I saw a face I hadn't seen in such a long time… It was Ralph.

He stopped for a second as our eyes met, before turning away and just entering the apartment door I saw after entering the small town.

-Right…- I thought to myself, -Ralph did stop coming to visit me after a little while…- not wanting to bother him again, I just sat there.

-I guess this is how I die. Blurgh wont wake up until the winter passed…-

I just closed my eyes accepting my fate, but the sound of the doors opening made me open them once more.

"Are you okay, miss?" It was Ralph. He seemed concerned. He walked out and gave me a blanket.

"If you are waiting for that player asshole, he left long ago…" I tried to speak, but was left with nothing but silence. Right, I haven't spoken a word in centuries. So I just shook my head to say no.

Ralph looked troubled for a second before speaking again.

"You like you are cold, want to enter my place for a little… while you wait for him?"

Oh… despite hating me now, Ralph is still so kind. I tried my best to stand up, but was just met with this great pain in my feet. Ralph caught me and was so kind to help me inside his home.

His home was warm, it smelled like how Ralph did in the past.

"To think you didn't even have any shoes in this winter…" Ralph showed me an expression that would be best described as pity and disgust. Though I don't think that the disgust was aimed towards me. There seems to be a misunderstanding between him and me. He seems to think I'm his neighbor's past lover.

"I'll start a bath to warm you up. Though you might already be suffering from hypothermia…"

Someone like me wouldn't get sick from just waiting out like that for a little.

He told me to wait while he gave me some warm water and a blanket.

I watched as my red feet quickly went back to their pale and scarred form. There's no way that a being that can't die such as myself… would die from some cold weather…

By the time he was done preparing me a bath, my feet and whole body were already warm and like new.

Blurgh was fine as well… he just continued to sleep…

He seemed to have shrunk since coming here. He's very small…

Ralph came out of the bathroom with some clothes and a concerned look.

"I'm sorry I don't have any underwear. While you shower I'll go and buy some. So for now just go and take a bat– WAH A SNAKE?!"

His sudden scream surprised me. I wasn't expecting Ralph of all people to react like that to Blurgh. Blurgh and he shared so many precious memories together…

Maybe after seeing me pout at his reaction, he understood how important Blurgh was to me, so he dropped the topic.

By the time I was done with the bath, very fancy underwear and men's clothes were waiting for me.

I wonder if Ralph got rich? How can he just give me this stuff… I wanted to just put on my old dress… but it was nowhere to be found.

As I exited, Ralph was there eating and sitting on the floor. He was watching this weird and loud box.

I sat next to him. I wasn't hungry. I didn't really need any food to survive off of.

Unless I'm badly hurt. Blurgh told me that its an evolution that signifies I have grown into an adult.

Ralph didnt seem to think so, as he offered me some of the food he was eating.

Is he crazy, how expansive that must have been…

I shook my head to say no, which Ralph seemed to take differently. Like he didnt remember…

"T-There are many fish in the sea, you should take care of yourself and not bother with that jerk!" I just gave him a confused look and shook my head. That made things more awkward as he just smiled awkwardly…

"So what's your name?" was the next thing he asked… that simple question… hit me harder then any rock could…

What does he mean… he's the one who gave me my name…

Maybe seeing my sour expression, he suddenly grew concerned. "Um… did I do something wrong…?"

I then remembered something very important. Ralph… grew as we spent time together. I didn't.

Ralph didn't betray me, he just died because of time.

This isn't Ralph I knew from the past. He might smell of Ralph, his kindness, his blond hair and blue eyes might be the same as Ralph I once knew, but he's not that Ralph…

He's just his offspring… with the bitter expression I took Ralphs had.

His reaction to my actions was grand, but after touching his palm he seemed to understand.

I wrote Lillian on his palm, but he didn't seem to really know the language.

"Hey, are you mute?" I decided to just nod my head.

My answer seemed to make him angrier but he quickly gave me a pen and a paper.

"Could you write your name here?" he asked me with such a concerned voice. But even after writing it on paper, he couldn't read it.

"So you can read and write? Where are you from?" I shook my head. I could only write my name because Ralph taught me how to do it.

Otherwise I couldn't write anything else.

He then took out a small version of the big box that was on the wall and talked into it for a short while.

After a little bit, 2 boys and a girl came into the apartment.

"Woah, you weren't lying… there really is a hella hot chick at your place!"

The boy with a really weird haircut spoke first. The other one just handed Ralph some snacks. "Not a hot chich. It seems like she was my neighbor's fling. That asshole… took everything from her!" The girl sat next to me and patted my head "This poor thing!!"

After a short chat, Ralph put out the paper I wrote my name on.

"Rai and Stella, I need your help. You guys are bilingual gods…" Ralph spoke while taking a sip of the alcoholic drink they opened up a little while ago.

But Rai, the boy that didn't seem to care for me and Stella both shook their heads saying no.

"Never seen this language before…"

As Stella spoke, the boy with the weird haircut spoke.

"Oh isn't that the ancient language of the demon folk?" The boy was so sure of it. All three looked at him with shocked expressions, and so did I.

"It says `Lillian` is that correct?" he turned to me and I just nodded.

"What?! But why would she write in such a language?!" Stella rised her voice. At which I just covered my ears.

"Did you even ask her if she knew that neighbor of yours Ralph?" At that question I just shook my head.

They asked me a few more yes or no questions, but they came to the same conclusion rather quickly.

"She's either crazy or not from our timeline!" concluded Stella.

Ralph seemed shocked too.