On the Flipside Book

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On the Flipside


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The Witches of King City Academy are nothing if not elusive, exclusive, and intrusive. They know you down to the last detail; keep track of all your secrets, and keep a million of their own on wine-laced lips. For Ivory Blue, they turn her world upside down overnight. Her worst fear becomes her greatest shame, and in a small city like hers, there's nowhere to hide. So, in her desperation, she seeks out the company of Archer Finley: defiant loner-boy extraordinaire. He takes her to a place that Witches can't touch; a place outside of time and reality and anything that exists to chain them down. Soon enough, their life on the flipside feels like home. Away from the rumours. Away from the lies. Away from the blood on their hands. And away from the world on the surface, because not everything there is quite as it seems.


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