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On My Way: The Demon King Made Me His


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What is On My Way: The Demon King Made Me His

Read On My Way: The Demon King Made Me His novel written by the author Aaliyah_Stark_ on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


WPC #135 Winner Mature Content The clash between the heaven and hell has been nonstop. The fine line between the life and death has been serious and invisible. The after life has always been feared. But little do the world know about the life of the immortals. The love that is forbidden, The price they pay to live and protect the galaxy. But will the Water Princess Aqua and Demon King Huo go through the same, inevitable and dangerous. What choices will they make? Will the live wisely ? He took the crown off her head and untied her hair that fell down to her shoulders. Aqua stood up and faced him. "It still feels like a dream, a distant dream that came true, us, without objections," she said looking into his eyes. He stroked her hair and took her face in his hands. "We no longer will have hindrances, we will no longer have to hide, hurt, run away or die a second time, from the troubles," he said to her. This time his eyes glistened with tears. He was happy, extremely. She reached up to his face and kissed him. Her thoughts were all about him. He lifted her in his arms and carried her to their bed, placing her down carefully. She took his royal robes off while he slowly undressed her from the queen's dragon gown customised just for her. He could only see perfection in her. While she saw the whole universe in his eyes. He ran her finger on her face smiling at her, looking into her eyes, admiring her, as his heart pounded fast with love and desire. She kneeling on the bed, wrapped her arms around as he took her breath away, stealing everything at once from her, unfolding her, the whole night. Fire on fire. He laid her down and whispered, in her ears "I love you," then they said that to each other again. "For all the years yet to come and forever." The good turn evil but the evil always remained good, always misunderstood and hated the most. With love, struggle, sacrifice, life and death. The wrongs are turned right. Aqua through her three life times made it all come true. But still unsure about a future that's too far and dreamy. How will Aqua survive these obstacles? Will she let the Demon King have her? Remember to vote for me and review your thoughts!!


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The story has a great and unique plot and I would highly recommend this book for fantasy lovers. The character design exceeded my expectation as I wasn't always a fantasy lover. But after reading this book, any other person like me would want to give fantasy books a try. The writing quality was really good, there are authors who have a good plot for their story but their writing quality would turn out to be the reason why the book isn't so successful, but this book was really good in most of the ways. Looking forward for more updates. Keep up the good work, author! - Jwrites_


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I am in love with the author's writing style and the way the emotions are being expressed. They make the characters come to life and become more realistic. Plot and story development is good based on what I have observed from the initial chapters. Great work, author. Keep it up ~ 💖


Highly Recommended Book !!! The novel has a good plot and is promising. I love the pacing of the novel and the way writer writes the story. The writer is successful in appealing to the readers . At last the novel is nice and will desperately wait for the next chapters to come . And hope that the writer will continue her awesome work and will evolve even more with time .


I just want to say first for this book is WOW! This is such a great story, I could not stop reading it! I am impressed with how the author weaved the flow per chapter. I am not a technical type of reader, as long as the plot and flow is great and consistent then I will keep reading. There is a plus side, it keeps getting interesting as it goes further! This is a must-read !! I highly recommend this ....


I'm admiring the story and plot... The characters are comprehensive for the story. This story just makes me wanna wriggle and feel tingly within.


i really love the story. The plot making is really great. Author did a great job. I would like to read more. please keep updating author. I am looking forward to it!!❤❤


Hello everyone. This Is the author's review. I sincerely want to thank all of my lovely readers who gave so much positive responses and it means a lot to. Keep going with the book and I will keep in mind everything that is suggested and rectify them as I keep updating my novel. Please do keep reviewing, voting and commenting to let me know. Thank you !!


I'm in love with the storyline. I would definitely recommend this story. I almost couldn't stop ready once I started. Yep, a five star from me.


it was marvellous...the idea between hell and heaven is really a popular one...keep going dude and make the story further more precious! well done!


Pretty pretty chapters...I'm in love with the way everything is written. And the characters have this sense of mystery around them which is super interesting. And the concept too, is different and well described. Great flow of events and really good world building. Highly recommended for those who like an out-worldly kind of fantasy...


The story is pretty solidly written, apart from a few issues with capitalisation that gets resolved quickly as the story keeps going on. The pacing is good with solid characters and dialogue.


The plot and background of this book are truly remarkable. The characters are relatable and were introduced in an interesting way, allowing us to understand a bit of their view of reality. The only problem for me was the flow of text, it got a bit confusing at times. With a bit of editing, this book will be amazing.


the plotline is very interesting and I love the different take of the romance route. it's a different idea that really grasps my attention. I am enjoying it thus far. the descriptions are good too. I am sure to read on. best of luck.


Overall this is good! highly recommended! the characters are unique and the plots are amazing. However the chapters are too short, i need longer ones😂🤣 And another thing, i dont know if any other got this problem while reading, but I tend to get lost when I see a really really long paragraph😂😂, it made me just scanning through them instead of actually reading. Mayne you could seperate those long ones into 2-3 paragraph. just a little advice, sorry😅 Anw its really good! Good work Author, keep it up!!


I absolutely love your descriptions and details. The plot and story are beautifully believable! I highly recommend this story to anyone regardless of genre preference! Keep writing, I will definitely keep reading this!


Beautiful art, and characters! The developments are always interesting, and I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen while I was reading until I was all done! Plot and chapters are quick and concise, and I couldn't wait to see what would come next as I read! Highly reccomend!


I REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK! Kudos to the author for the well written chapters, the interesting title and the even more interesting and hooking synopsis!


Loved the story of the book and how it brought me into a different world. English is not great however, maybe an editor could help in maling it even more enjoyable to read


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