2 Holly Saint System

Qiu XiaoTing found herself in darkness.She stretch out a hand,but see nothing.She can sense,feel-but not see.It's too dark.For a moment,she panicked.Then,she remember that she died.Her lips curled upward at the thought of that.However,she cannot but feel a little guilty for that she has leave her beloved.Well,it's one sided affection.Qiu XiaoTing feel her nose becoming sour,thinking about her past life.She wanted to cry,but she has long forgotten how to.

'Stop being a crybaby.You are already old.'

She mentally slap herself and wiped her tears.Suddenly,a voice rang out;

[Hello,host.Holly Saint System at your service!You can call me Suko.]

"Who are y-"she frowned,before widenning her eyes."System?Like in those books?"

[Yup.You have not read those books in vain]Suko said,satisfied.[However,this system is far from those lowly imagined systems!]

Qiu XiaoTing smiled at the narcissist.It was a rare sight-a smile from her heart.But,she feel starnge to be chosen.They are much better people in the worlds with talents.So why herAs id-No.The system hears her though and replied.

[You are not easily attached to people.So it would be rather easy to leave the mission world and the characters.That's the main reason.]

"I see..."Qiu XiaoTing nod slowly.

[Here is your stats.We will depart for your first mission shortly.]


<<Name: Mei ZiYu (Qiu XiaoTing)>>

<< Mentale State: 23>>

<< Experience: 0 >>

<< Appearance: 79/ 100 >>

<< Intelligence: 82/100 >>

<< Strenght: 41/100 >>

<< Charm: 35/100 >>

<< Luck: 89 >>

<< Storage: >>

<< Favorability Points: 0 >>

<< Pretty Points: 50 >>


[Here are the rules,dear host.It will also help you understand the system]

1.Missions grew harder as it level up(the levels are respectively C,B,A,S,SS,SSS -P.S. :other levels will show up later in stage.Host's authority not enough)

2.Favorability Points are obtain when the target's love meter reach a certain amount (will change with each person) or it exceed the limit.Favorability Points are not obligated.

3.Pretty Points are obtained through almost everything.The main way is to complete missions.

4.You can exchange your Favorability Points for a gift(depending on how pure and concentred it is).

5.Your missions is to befriends everyone and bring peace.You also have to accomplish the body's wishes.

6.[Authority not enough]

7.[Authority not enough]

8.[Authority not enough]

9.[Authority not enough]


[Your authority are not enough.Come here later!]

"Why can't I see the other rules?"

[Like it is show,your authority is not enough.]Suko think about it a little,before answering.

"Then,how can I have more authority?"

[By luck.]

'By luck?What does it mean?'

[This system doesn't know.Like I said,it's based on luck.You can have them through missions reward,gifts packages,the lottery...the possibilities are infinite.]

Qiu XiaoTing sighed.It sound complicated.She is a true true true lazy person.Nobody can be more lazy than her.Well,she thought so.And she remember the name.

"Why did my name became Mei ZiYu?I don't remember having this name."

[Each host will automatically have a new name after getting bound to a system.]

"Each host?So you mean that there is other like me?"

[Yes.But the chance are one in a billion to meet.]


[You can rest a little.We will start our goal soon.]

She sighed,before flipping through every infromations she has about system in the books she has read.

'It have a shop...I should also be able to decorate this space-wich I presume is the system's space...'

Qiu XiaoTing blink,thinking about the little informations she has.The rest time end and her first mission show up before her.

<Name: Childhood's Promise>

<Missions Grade: C>

<Reward: 500 Pretty Points - 30 Mental Point - 100 Experience - Memory Pill>

<Main Mission: Maintain friendship with Zuo Cheng and befriend classmates and characters>

<Side Mission: Became a famous musician>

<Time: 3 years>

[Transfering memory in 3...2...1...]

A sharp pain knock her unconscious and another person's memory flood in her head.At the same time,she was transmigrated to the mission world,no longer in the Virtual Void(a.k.a. VV).

[Good luck,host.]