18 New World

However, he had forgotten one important factor that there was something like creation magic in the world he was traveling to, and it would help in creating the seals faster.

Sigh, he was too busy to remember it.

"Hey Grayfia, Are you ready?" He looked at Grayfia who was wearing her favourite maid uniform.

He sighed at her, not that he was complaining because he himself wore something usual.

White T-shirt with golden color 'King' written on front, black jeans with black belt and last but not least, black combat boots that he recently ordered.

No one would thought or believed that he was going on a adventure where fighting and killing were necessary because he looks like a model rather than a warrior.

No, he don't have hero complex unlike certain delusional idiot.... Who'd think every girls should belongs to him? Why?

Because he is hero ... A hero who saves people in dreams....hoohoho.

Grayfia was blushing when she saw his well toned abs and muscles even the tattoo were somewhat visible and it didn't help with the fact he looked extremely handsome.

In her case, he was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

She had a feeling that some annoying bugs would come after her beloved master and lover not that she'd complained.


Because polygamy was normal in her world and her father himself had two wives after all. She knew she couldn't have him to herself fully because his charm was too high and it'd definitely attracts opposite gender but she had full faith on her master that he'd never thinks with his lower half because if that was the case then they would have already done 'it' after their date and it was him who told her to take it slow.

"Grayfia? Hey! What are you spacing out for?" Izumi shook her then she comes to her senses.

"Nothing. I was thinking where we would be going." She said wiping her small drools and was relieved that he didn't noticed it.

"I don't know. Let's hope it's not some hunted place." Izumi replied nervously because he was afraid as his phasmophobia was slowly surfacing, unconsciously he held Grayfia's hand.

"Ara Ara, I didn't knows that master was afraid of ghosts. I guess this is new invention." She giggled and teased him.

'Is this the legendary Ara Ara? Wow... I never thought Grayfia could do that... I'm pretty surprised.' He was little surprised at Grayfia's change demeanor.

Izumi rolled his eyes at her then thought of something interesting. He slightly grinned inside.

He pulled her closer and put his hands around her waist which made her blush but she didn't resisted his touch.

"Say Fia-chan, why don't we get married after this?" He whispered gently near her ear causing her to blush and hit his chest weakly.

"Don't joke around!!" She pouted and kept hitting him but she didn't know that he was not joking when he said marry... But, It'd happen later not now.

"Okay Okay!! Let's get going then!" She nodded and put her hands around his chest, holding him tightly which made Izumi chuckle a little.

He lifted her chin and gave her a quick peck, then said inwardly.

"We're ready system..." He said inwardly but there was some irritation evident in his voice and he got busted by system again.

[ Since Host accepted the Quest, timing will frozen in Host's world. Please Enjoy your stay and complete all the Quest as there is no time limit but a reminder, Try not to die early and system welcomes your gratitude. ]

As soon it finished, a giant black hole like portal appeared and swallow them whole before Izumi could do anything...But he had a bad feeling when he heard its last sentence.


A big portal opened and something fell from it.


"Auch" A man grabbed his butt and patted it...

He had black shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a quarter sleeved shoulder tattoo, design in 'Celtic Tribal Tattoo'. It consists of different black inked symbols like knots, circles with trinities designed like two-three separate place. Celtic circles and trinities represent nature, time, and organic energy.

It starts from his left chest and ends in his mid biceps or just below the shoulder. All in all, the man looked extremely handsome, not counting the unique clothes he wore.

(Remember Roman Reigns tattoo....This is the same version but different cultures and not full arm.. only to quarter.. No, there is no Roman Reigns or any WWE players.)

(Anyways Pic here... Exactly like this.)

Of course, he was our Har-*coughs* everyday protagonist Izumi Miyamura. He recently 'arrived' from the portal...

May be the term 'thrown' would be better.

But isn't he forgetting someone?¿ Let's wait for him to realise and believe me it won't be long.

Then he felt unfamiliar sensation in his stomach.

He felt nauseated and immediately threw up..

*Barfing Sounds*

After vomiting, he instantly understood the meaning behind the words that system spoke and shouted angrily inside his mind.

"I'll kill you!!! You damn system." He realised that it was no use in cursing it and calmed down.

He check his surroundings and saw there were many mountains and even a river, means he was in some mountainous region.

Then something clicked to him, he open his eyes wide and looked around aggressively.

"Where is Grayfia?" He stood up and shouted.

"Grayfia!! Grayfia!! Where are you?" He become nervous because this was his first world travel and same for Grayfia even though she was not from his World atleast there was no one who could threat to her in his world.

However, there was someone he was afraid of... Despair took over him and negatives thought began to arose, but immediately felt relieved when he heard a familiar voice from behind.

"I'm here master. I was in your shadow from the beginning." Grayfia said, but didn't expected him to hug her out of nowhere, she felt happy that her beloved was worried about her.

Izumi immediately hugged her tightly and said.

"You Dummy, don't do that next time. You know just a second ago, I was really worried about when I couldn't found you." Hearing his smooth tone Grayfia smiled on how protective he was. Not that she hate it though...

No women hates men who are overprotective but Ultra overprotectiveness are bad.. that means obsession which is not good for heart.

She began to caressed his hair, but their pink atmosphere was destroyed by a loud voice.

"Thou shalt not shows indecency here." A majestic voice spoke that froze Izumi since he recognised this way of speaking because there was no one who speaks like ancient or accent languages other than a certain perverted Dragoness.

He was sure he saw an imaginary laughed inside his head and instantly connected the dots.





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