40 Episode 9 – Omniscient Sunfish (4)

Unfortunately, Yoo Jonghyuk wasn't on the sixth floor.

The only comfort was that the movie on the sixth floor was easy. It was a typical thriller directed by Bryan Singer. I knew the killer so it was possible to clear it quickly.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the changed ending of the movie.]

[You have obtained 500 coins as compensation.]

Lee Jihye asked as if she was dumbfounded.

"…He was really the killer?"

"Don't tell me it is a spoiler? There is actually someone here who hasn't seen it."

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' hates spoilers.]

In any case, an item was rewarded due to the movie's unique characteristics.

[Skill Book: Calm Observation.]

Calm Observation. It was quite a useful skill.

This skill allowed the user to see the movements of the target and figure out their overall stats. It didn't mean much to me since I could use Character List, but it would be quite useful for people like Yoo Sangah and Lee Gilyoung. This skill would be good against enemies excellent at acting.

[The exclusive skill ' Calm Observation' has been acquired.]

Still, I felt a bit sad. It would be nice to experience a movie like Gladiator.

I had yet to obtain a suitable combat passive skill. He might purchase the skill Weapons Training but it wasn't a good idea to spend coins on the skill right now.

"…Now I am tired of movies."

I agreed with Jung Heewon's words. I didn't want to look at a movie theatre for a while. I should just be satisfied with the high performance fee.

We went directly up to the seventh floor. Maybe this time we could see Yoo Jonghyuk's back…

Damn. Most of the posters on the seventh floor were torn. Yes, Yoo Jonghyuk was now in the boss room. Under these circumstances, there was really no time to delay.

"Run. It is almost the last floor."

We started to run. We had to catch up with that guy as fast as possible. Before he gave up everything.

We passed through the auditoriums and ran down the aisles. The posters on the 7th floor were of Korean movies popular in the past.

Shit, please let all of them be torn…

However, unlike what I hoped, the last poster was still intact.


[The screening will begin.]

The blue spotlight covered the party and the scene changed. My head spun and a salty smell entered my nose.

The stage was the sea. But… this time it wasn't a cruise ship. There was the smell of artillery. The rough texture of the Panokseon could be felt. (Panokseon wiki link)

The moment I turned my head on the shaky boat, I heard someone's voice.

"Everybody, down—!"

I reflexively fell down and there was a bombardment of gunfire around me. Tang tang tang tang― A few soldiers collapsed while bleeding.

"Protect the ship―!"

The soldiers dressed in old military garb were rushing around. An uneasy wind blew as war took place. The turbulent Myeongnyang Strait was swirling and there was the distant sound of drums.


There was no Korean who didn't know this movie. It was because this movie had been watched by most South Koreans.

Jung Heewon looked at the horizon and muttered.

"This… how can we win?"

The ending of Theater Dungeon would only open when the master was satisfied.


300 Japanese warships filled the sea. I hurriedly confirmed the power on our side. Still, this was a movie based on historical facts. There was hope.

"…What is this?"

There was only one Panokseon where there should be 12. I hurriedly grabbed one of the sailors around him and asked.

"Where is the commander?"


"Admiral Yi!"

The navy sailor had no idea at all. My chest became cold. It was different from the movie I knew. The theatre master changed the story.

In no time, the enemy narrowed the distance. This was ridiculous. How could we win the Battle of Myeongnyang without help from the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare?

I looked around and hurriedly exclaimed.

"Lee Jihye!"

(TL: For those who won't know, this movie is The Admiral: Roaring Currents about Admiral Yi Sunshin, which broke records when it was released. Wiki link here)

* * *

I thought that this might happen. If fact, I brought Lee Jihye not just for her power but to consider the 'what if's.'

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' is sorry for Lee Jihye.]

It wasn't difficult to find Lee Jihye. There was only one boat and the place where Duke of Loyalty and Warfare's messages could be heard was limited.


She was vomiting in a corner of the first floor deck.

"Hey, are you okay?

Lee Jihye looked up at me with moist eyes.

"I can't, I can't do it!"

This wasn't about me.

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' is encouraging 'Lee Jihye'.]

"Never, I will never do it! Oof…!"

She vomited once again.

I knew. The reason why this person was chosen by Duke of Loyalty and Warfare, despite hating the sea.

[Due to the effect of your exclusive attribute, the memories from the books you have read will increase.]

In my head, a scene from the 40th chapter of Ways of Destruction passed.

「 "Hey, how did she get chosen by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare when she is afraid of the sea?"

"I don't know. Um… maybe because she has the admiral in her ancestry?"

"…She is the descendent of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare? 」

There was considerable criticism from a few readers apart from me who made it to the 40th chapter of Ways of Destruction.

No, did it make sense for her to have the blood of the great Duke of Loyalty and Warfare?

But I had read all the chapters except for the epilogue of Ways of Destruction so I knew. Lee Jihye wasn't of the bloodline of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' misses his old friend when he sees 'Lee Jihye.']

「 "Then are you a Lee from the Deoksu clan?"

"No, I am a Jeonju Lee." 」

(TL Note: As with all Korean family names, the holders of the Lee surname are divided into different lineages, known in Korean as bon-gwan, based on their ancestral seat. Most such clans trace their lineage back to a specific founder, and are generally not related to one another. Wiki Link)

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' looks at the descendant of an old friend.]

Lee Jihye was the descendant of Lee Eokgi, the companion of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare. (Lee can also be romanized as Yi. I chose to make it Lee to match with Lee Jihye, his descendant. Wiki Link)

Duke of Firmness and Compassion, Lee Eokgi.

Along with the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare, he led the navy to victory in the Battle of Tanghangpo and the Battle of Hansan-do. He was one of the few who defended the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare, Yi Sunshin when he was arrested on unfair charges. However, he didn't have enough myths and didn't become a sponsor.

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' is looking at 'Lee Jihye' with sad eyes.]

Due to that, the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare selected Lee Jihye.

She wasn't his descendant but the descendant of his closest confidant. Maybe it was simply the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare's choice.

Perhaps the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare didn't see it.

The fact that the descendant of his deceased confidant and friend would be killed by his own hands and become a demon.

Well… this was according to the setting of Ways of Survival.

[A bounty scenario has occurred!]


[Bounty Scenario – Those who seek death shall live. Those who seek life will die]

Category: Sub

Difficulty: B+

Clear Conditions: The 'Maritime War God' is asking you for help. Encourage Lee Jihye, incarnation of Duke of Loyalty and Warfare, and win the Battle of Myeongnyang.

Time Limit: 2 hours

Compensation: A stigma from the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.

Failure: ―


I doubted my eyes for a moment.

The bounty scenarios were rarely requested by a constellation alone. I looked closely because it was strange and saw that the reward was also extraordinary.

…The stigma of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare?

If I cleared this scenario, I would be able to use one of the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare's stigmas without signing a contract. I shook Lee Jihye.

"Lee Jihye, stop it. Quickly."

"I don't want to! Urgh… The three of you can handle it!"

"Can't you endure it a little bit?"

"…Endure? Ahjussi doesn't know."

I didn't know…

Yes, this was her manner of talking. However, there was no time to accept her childish actions.

"No, I know. You aren't like this because of seasickness."


"It is because your dead friend liked this movie."

Lee Jihye shook, like a boxer hit in the jaw. It was like a scene rushing into her head. It was the first scenario at Daepo Girls' High School. She strangled her friend with her bare hands.

"T-That… How did you…?"

"Don't ask how I know. There is no time to explain."

Lee Jihye looked up at me with blank eyes.

"You killed your friend with your own hands only to die like this?"

The first floor deck was pierced with a hook. I grabbed the hook shooting towards Lee Jihye with my bare hands. Lee Jihye shook as she looked at me.

"You can run away here or not. You will never be forgiven. But―"

There were loud shouts. I could hear the sound of Japanese raiders jumping on the ship.

"If you wake up now, at least you can save some people."

I came up onto the second floor deck with the trembling Lee Jihye.

Lee Gilyoung and Jung Heewon were already surrounded. I raised my weapon. The enemies were ordinary Japanese soldiers. We wouldn't lose in a one on one battle. The problem was that there were too many numbers.


I sliced at the incoming soldiers but couldn't seen an end to it. The enemy ships were firing from a distance. We were finished if this ship sunk. The movie would end tragically and we would die here.

"Lee Jihye!"

I realized the greatness of Yi Sunshin.

How did he lead this battle to victory?

"Wake up now!"

This was a cursed scenario. We didn't have Song Yeojung or Jung Eungdoo. (Apparently close companions of Yi Sunshin)

All we had was a weak girl protected by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare. The girl staggered on the deck of the second floor.

"I-I'm disgusting. I…I don't deserve to be alive…"

Yes, it was disgusting. I was disgusting along with the way that I was using her.

"No one would be qualified."


Tears endlessly poured from Lee Jihye's eyes. I held Hercules' Shield and stood in front of her.

Kwang! Kwaang! Kwaang!

"Survive and take responsibility! Atone for the rest of your life or live a garbage life. Just somehow survive!"

The ship was being broken by the indiscriminate shelling. I turned to her with cold eyes.

"Or do you really want to die here?"

[Your understanding of the character 'Lee Jihye' has increased.]

All types of emotions came from the crying Lee Jihye. She was drowning in the dark emotions of resentment, self-contempt and disillusionment with the world. Nevertheless, there was a straightforward emotion under it.

「 I don't want to die. 」

The constellations were selfish. There were those who didn't support their incarnation or didn't care if their incarnation died or not. But.

As long as any constellation was in the stage of their 'myth', they wouldn't turn away from their incarnation.

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' has responded to the will of 'Lee Jihye'.]

A brilliant red light burst around Lee Jihye's body. It was good for Yoo Jonghyuk but I didn't get nothing. I had something to gain.

[The character 'Lee Jihye' has received a new stigma.]

The third stigma of Sword Demon Lee Jihye. It was the strongest stigma that would later make her a maritime admiral.

"…To God."

Lee Jihye held the hilt of her sword and looked at the sea. There were many enemies and no allies. She quietly turned her sword towards the world.

"There are still 12 ships left."

A radiant beam emerged from the end of her sword.

[The character 'Lee Jihye' has activated the stigma 'Ghost Fleet Lv. 1!]

Water vapor rose in the area. Water sprayed all over the place and 12 ghost ships appeared in the sea.

"Get revenge on the enemies."

The drumming paused like it was embarrassed. Shells flew towards the ghost fleet. However, the ghost fleet was disembodied and didn't suffer any damages.

"Die in this place."

Finally, Lee Jihye's fleet started to move forward. 12 ships moved through the water, creating countless ripples. The white barrels started firing and the ships blocking the path collapsed helplessly.

Kwa kwa kwa kwa kwa!

The girl who didn't cry led the battlefield.

In front of the ghost fleet, the warships were completely overwhelmed. It wasn't just me., Jung Heewon and Lee Gilyoung also gaped at the scene.

This was the real power of a 'stigma.' It was the power of the admiral that wasn't pushed by anyone in a maritime war.

In the fading light of the sunset, the screams of the Japanese were heard from among the smoke. The whirlpool of Myeongnyang Strait sucked in the dead bodies. It took less than an hour for the last enemy ship to collapse.

[The theater owner is satisfied with the changed ending of the movie.]

[The fourth 'Ending Credit' has been reached.]

[Performers: Kim Dokja, Jung Heewon, Lee Jihye, Lee Gilyoung.]

[You have obtained 500 coins as compensation.]

As soon as we received the ending credit, additional messages came up.

[The bounty scenario is cleared.]

[You have received the Maritime War God's reward for the bounty scenario.]

Frankly, I was filled with expectations. Maybe I would get Ghost Fleet. If I could just get it then I wouldn't be envious of Lee Jihye.

[The stigma 'Song of the Sword' has been acquired.]

I thought I heard wrong when the message popped up.

The stigma Song of the Sword. This was originally a stigma that Lee Jihye acquired midway in the story. Yet the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare gave me this stigma.

[The constellation 'Maritime War God' thanks you.]

In a sense, this skill was something I needed more than Ghost Fleet right now. If I had this stigma, I might be able to prevent the worst from happening on the eighth floor.

The surrounding scenery slowly changed and we returned to the inside of the movie theatre. The exhausted Lee Ji-hye was staring at me.


"You rest here. We will go to save Yoo Jonghyuk."


"Listen up."

I obtained a new stigma but I didn't have time to laugh. No matter how good the stigma, there was no meaning if this 'world' was over. In order to prevent that 'end', I had to save Yoo Jonghyuk.

I distributed the ampoules I gathered to everyone. When raising the stats level, the coins consumption was increased every 10 levels. Therefore, I would use my coins first before the ampoules.

[4,000 coins have been consumed.]

[The comprehensive enhancement ampoules have been used.]

[Physique Lv. 18 -> Physique Lv. 24]

[Strength Lv. 18 -> Strength Lv. 24]

[Agility Lv. 11 -> Agility Lv. 20]

[Magic Power Lv. 10 -> Magic Power Lv. 15]

[All stats have increased significantly!]

We climbed the last stairway.

"Everyone, get ready."

[You have entered the eighth floor, the Heavenly Garden.]

The eighth floor of the theatre was a rooftop. It was a small dome reminiscent of an opera house. As soon as I stepped on the green grass of the rooftop, I found the back of the regressor I was looking for.


When I thought about all those who would suffer if he died, my anger soared. Fortunately, the back of his head was good enough to be hit.

"Hey Yoo Jonghyuk!"

I ran towards Yoo Jonghyuk and hit him in the back of the head.

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