36 Episode 8 – Emergency Defense (4)

One hour after the battle began, Gong Pildu fought and fought. The number of monsters had barely decreased but it was still great. Gong Pildu was considered to have the strongest defense among the 10 Evils for a reason.

"You scum!"

[The character Gong Pildu's Armed Zone has levelled up.

[The character Gong Pildu's Private Land has levelled up!]

[The character Gong Pildu has acquired the Protective Wall skill.]

The level up speed of Armed Zone was fast. The sponsor behind Gong Pildu was rushing to support his growth. If he could survive here, Gong Pildu's growth would be enormous.

As long as he could survive here.


According to the scenario, Gong Pildu had to hold on for seven more hours. It would've been nice if I had popcorn. Too bad.

Lee Jihye was giggling next to me as she watched the bottom floor. She told me earlier that I should save them… it was truly a transformation in the disposition of Yoo Jonghyuk's disciple.

"By the way, why isn't Yoo Jonghyuk here?

"How should I know? Master is always busy."

Busy… yes, he might be busy. The person trying to be all alone was the busiest.

I looked down at the dying Gong Pildu as I asked, "What time did Yoo Jonghyuk enter the dungeon?"

"It is roughly 9 a.m. today…" Lee Jihye stopped speaking and stared at me. "…Wait a minute, how do you know that Master entered a dungeon?"

I ignored Lee Jihye and calculated the time. Now it was 8 p.m. Using simple calculations, it had already been over 11 hours since Yoo Jonghyuk entered. Yet he still hadn't come out…

Damn, I had to move. Yoo Jonghyuk was the main character and it would be difficult if something happened to him.

I opened the dokkaebi communication.


Bihyung floating in the air turned to look at me.

[What is it? Calling me so suddenly.]

'Open the Dokkaebi Bag.'

[What? N-No! I am currently getting a lot of subscriptions!]

I know. My stock price was rising due to my actions with Gong Pildu. My actions of laying a trap and then sitting back meant the constellations of the 'fun seekers' group wouldn't still be on the channel which Gong Pildu belonged to.

Where would the constellations go after leaving the channel?

[New constellations have entered the channel!]

It was naturally Bihyung's channel.

[#BI-7623 channel is ready for an expansion.]

[Huhu, huhuhut, look at this, look at this! Now my channel is also…!]

It wasn't unreasonable for Bihyung to be acting like this. But this wasn't the time for amusement.

'If you don't want your channel to be ruined, open it quickly. You can see that there will be an advertisement in preparation for the channel expansion.'

[Ah, shit… really…]

Bihyung grumbled but opened the Dokkaebi Bag after showing an advertisement. It was finally time to use the coins I had saved.

'I'll give you 5,000 coins. Upgrade me to a gold member.'

Bihyung stared at me quietly and sighed. It was followed by system messages.

[5,000 coins have been consumed.]

[Congratulations! You have become a gold member of the Dokkaebi Bag!]

My member rating changed and the background of the Dokkaebi Bag also changed. Coins were really good. New item listings were added. I put the necessary items into the shopping cart.

* Behind the Scenes Contract – 10,000 C.

* Intermediate Magic Power Recovery Potion X 10 – 5,000 C.

One contract and 10 intermediate potions… this should be enough.

The spending was a bit big but the channel was going to be expanded. It wouldn't be long before I recovered it. Bihyung was nervous when he saw the items I bought.

[…Why is there a contract? Have you already forgotten the terms? You can't have a sponsor!]

'What do you mean? Why would I get a sponsor now?''

Even if I was doing that, why would I buy the contract with my own coins? At any rate, this Bihyung still needed a lot of work.

[15,000 coins have been consumed.]

[A 'Behind the Scenes Contract' has been acquired.]

[10 Intermediate Magic Power Recovery Potions have been acquired.]

Yoo Sangah showed curiosity when the items appeared out of thin air.

"What is that?"

"A contract to make a 'gap' an 'eul.'"

I filled out the contract carefully, wrote my name in the 'gap' section and waited quietly. It was time for the 'eul' to come.

[The sponsor for character 'Gong Pildu' is asking for help from nearby constellations.]

Finally, the sponsor behind Gong Pildu reached his limits and started sending messages outside the channel. It was natural since the sponsor didn't have many coins in the first place. Not everybody was rich just because they were a constellation.

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' scoffs.]

The other constellations in Gong Pildu's channel would've stopped sponsoring and the incarnation was dying… everything was going according to plan.

Bihyung noticed something and muttered.

[Wait a minute, surely you aren't…]

I talked towards Gong Pildu, who was in a half dead state.

"Hey, you over there."

Dududududu! Gong Pildu fired crazily and looked up at me while breathing heavily.

"Will you die like this or will you sign a contract with me?"


"I'm not a constellation so I can't be a sponsor. But if you want, I can be a person behind the scenes. How about it?"

"What is this bastard talking about…?"

"Gong Pildu, shut up. I'm not talking to you."


I waved the 'contract' in one hand and the 'Intermediate Magic Power Recovery Potion' in the other hand.

"Answer quickly. I will give these items to you if you sign with me."

A message window flashed in front of me.

[The sponsor behind character 'Gong Pildu' has revealed himself.]

[The constellation 'Defense Master' is looking at you like you are crazy.]

Indeed. He wasn't yet ready to be an 'eul.' Don't worry. He would be in a hurry as time passed.

Bihyung was watching me.

[You… are you crazy?]

'This one as well.'

[You are the first to try and support a constellation.]

'I can't do it?'

[This is a constellation! Will it sign with an insignificant human?]

'That is just your thoughts.'

The intermediate constellation, Defense Master. He was a low level constellation compared to his ability.

His world had long become a 'scenario' and was completely destroyed. Therefore, the Defense Master's myth was no longer discussed. The myth had disappeared and the constellation couldn't get coins. One day, even his existence would disappear.

That's why some constellations, including the Defense Master' were obsessed with looking for an 'incarnation'. The constellations were remembered in the world through their chosen incarnation.

'That guy, he doesn't have any coins left.'


Gong Pildu's power had fallen sharply compared to before. Unlike the 'Monarch of the Small Fries', the Defense Master was someone who cared about his incarnation. The fact that Gong Pildu was going to die meant he had run out of coins.

It was obvious but without coins, a new 'sponsor contract' was impossible. Then what happened to a constellation who couldn't create a new incarnation?

'Once Gong Pildu dies, that guy will be forgotten.'

For a constellation, being forgotten meant death.

Faint fear filled Bihyung's eyes.

[You are…?]

Gong Pildu was a great card if I could afford it. Even Yoo Jonghyuk had attempted to subjugate Gong Pildu several times in countless regressions. Of course, he had never been successful.

Yoo Sangah spoke.

"Dokja-ssi, that person will die."

Gong Pildu was biting his lips so hard that blood was flowing. Now there were only two mini-turrets left in Armed Zone. It was time to end this.

[The constellation 'Defense Master' is wondering about the contents of the contract.]

He was coming. Bihyung's eyes widened at the sight in front of him.

[…Really? No, is this real?]

I showed the contract immediately.

[The constellation 'Defense Master' has started reading the contract.]

Gong Pildu, who was shedding blood on the lower floor, suddenly shouted. He had probably heard a message from his sponsor.

"W-What? What is this message?"

What? He was being sold.

"W-What is going on Pildu-ssi?"

[The constellation 'Defense Master' is asking for some time to think.]

After a while, I heard some good news.

[The constellation 'Defense Master' as added a condition to the contract.]

[If you agree with this condition, the constellation 'Defense Master' will agree to contract with you.]

I immediately read the contract.


14. Incarnation Kim Dokja (Gap) recognizes the property rights of Constellation Defense Master (Eul)and should ensure the survival of 'Gong Pildu.'

15. Incarnation Kim Dokja (Gap) should help Constellation Defense Master (Eul) so that his private property 'Gong Pildu' grows well.


Guaranteeing Gong Pildu's life and his growth. In fact, this didn't need to be included. It was natural for Gong Pildu not to die if the contract was signed. The only thing that mattered for me was the third condition.

3. Incarnation Kim Dokja (Gap) has a command authority over 'Gong Pildu', the private property of Constellation Defense Master (Up to 10 times a day).

I checked the contract and nodded.

"I will sign the contract."

Before long, a faint thread connected me and Gong Pildu. Then system messages were heard.

[The contract has been completed.]

[You have become the co-sponsor of 'Gong Pildu' due to the contract.]

[Due to the contract, you have been given the right to command incarnation 'Gong Pildu.']

[The duration of the contract is five years and it won't be automatically renewed.]

Yoo Jonghyuk would be stunned if he knew that Gong Pildu could be obtained so easily. If I hadn't read to the latter half of Ways of Survival, I wouldn't have known to use the Behind the Scenes Contract this way.

I handed the recovery potions to Yoo Sangah.

"Give this to Gong Pildu. You should give him one every 40 minutes."

"…It is okay to give to him?"

She had to give it. If not, this main scenario wouldn't be cleared. Gong Pildu was confused after Yoo Sangah handed him a potion.

"What is this?"

"Drink it and fight."

Gong Pildu was suspicious for a moment but soon opened the potion's lid. Blue smoke emerged around his body and the destroyed turrets returned to their original appearance.

[The character 'Gong Pildu' has completely recovered his magic power.]

Gong Pildu wiped the potion stained lips and looked up at me.

"Stupid guy. Do you think I will forgive you because of this? Once I get out of here, it will be your end…"

"Shut up, Gong Pildu."

[Under the terms of the contract, 'Command Rights' is activated!]

"O-Oof? Oof oof oof?"

Poor guy, he didn't even know what situation he was in.

"Fight hard. Don't touch my party members."

"Hup…! Oof oof…!"


Yoo Sangah's eyes widened when she saw Gong Pildu listened to my orders.

"D-Dokja-ssi? W-Why is that person…?"

"I made a 'gap' into an 'eul."

"…Did you write something?"

"Now you can rest assured about Gong Pildu."

Then the bombardment of messages from the constellations poured out.

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' finds your idea interesting.]

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' has dropped his stick at your strategy.]

[The constellation 'Abyssal Black Flame Dragon' thinks that you are impudent.]


I had secretly signed the contract but these guys already noticed. The Defense Master was only intermediate level but he was still a constellation.

A mere human became a co-sponsor with a constellation, the impact on the constellations would be enormous. There would be a backlash among those like the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon. But.

[Many constellations are paying attention to you.]

[A number of constellations want to become your sponsor.]

The constellations who realized my value were overwhelmingly larger. If they became my sponsor, they would be able to use the power of Defense Master.

Then the owner of Gong Pildu's channel, Dokkaebi Biryu appeared in the air.

[Constellations! W-Why… are you suddenly leaving? D-Don't go! Just wait a little longer…!]

Biryu, whose channel was being ruined, made a desperate appeal. It was the dokkaebi who created the food penalty and 'survival cost' in Gumho Station.

[H-Hiiik! N-No…]

Dokkaebi Biryu gradually blurred and disappeared.

[Channel # BIR-3642 has been forced to leave after having the subscriptions reduced.]

Bihyung muttered in a trembling voice after seeing one channel falling to ruin.

[Excuse me… Dokja-nim?]

'What is it?'

[You… were you aiming for Gong Pildu from the beginning?]

I shrugged.

[Crazy… human… what human did I sign with?]

Bihyung couldn't close his mouth. I didn't care. This place was organized and I needed to move on to the next place.

I spoke to the bewildered party members who still hadn't grasped the situation.

"Everyone. I'm sorry but I have to leave for a while.'

"Huh? Now?"

"There is a place I urgently need to go to. Hyunsung-ssi and Yoo Sangah-ssi, please stay here. You don't have to do anything. Just throw Pildu a potion until the end of the scenario and relax."

Jung Heewon asked, "What about Gilyoung and I?"

"You will come with me."

"To where?"

"Um… it is hard to explain but there is a bad guy."

"A bad guy?"

"Yes. A bad person who disappeared to eat items alone, regardless if people die or not. From now on, I am going to hit him in the back of the head."

It was very hard. Jung Heewon thought for a moment before asking.

"…Is he worse than Gong Pildu?"

I contemplated for a moment before replying.

"He is much worse."

"Then let's go."

"I'll explain the details later."

I moved with Jung Heewon and Lee Gilyoung. Then somebody grabbed my shoulder. It was Lee Jihye

"Wait, where are you going right now?"

In any case, this was good.

"Great. You can come along."

"Where are you going?"

"Yoo Jonghyuk is in danger."

Lee Jihye laughed like she thought I was joking.

"What nonsense are you saying? Master is in danger?"

My expression remained serious and Lee Jihye's laughter soon disappeared.

"…Are you serious? No, how do you know this?"

How did I know? Perhaps I was the world's foremost, no the second highest authority who knew her master.

I checked the time.

"That jerk, he went to the hidden dungeon at Exit 1?"


"And it has been 11 hours since he entered?"

"Uhhh…" Lee Jihye spoke blankly.

I remembered that Yoo Jonghyuk' had attacked Chungmuro's 'hidden dungeon' a total of eight years. He failed twice and succeeded six times. The problem was that the two failures were concentrated in his early regressions. The 8th turn and the 11th turn.

During the 8th regression, Yoo Jonghyuk died in Chungmuro's hidden dungeon.

But the current Yoo Jonghyuk was… the third turn.

"At this rate, Yoo Jonghyuk will die today."

If my guess was right, our damn regressor would be on the 'sunfish route'.

TL: Sunfish route= seems to be based on the game 'Survive! Mola Mola! where you have to make a sunfish survive troubles in the sea. But the sunfish gets started and dies because of almost anything.

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