413 Episode 78 - Climax/轉 (5)

I remained within my crushed consciousness as Fables continued to send whispers in my direction.

[Fable, 'Demon King of Salvation', is continuing with its storytelling.]

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Yes, I'm still listening.

I haven't fallen asleep.

[Fable, 'King of a Kingless World', is sustaining you.]

I endured on while eating the Fables I lived through like a newborn chick being fed. After every sensation from my skin and joints disappeared, it felt as if time had stopped moving. It was like a clock tasked with maintaining my inner balance was broken.

['Final Dragon of the Book of Revelation' is letting out a violent roar!]

[Indescribable Darkness' is glaring at 'Final Dragon of the Book of Revelation'.]

The contest of strength was still going on outside. A face-off, one calamity against the other.

I could sense the vibration from the shockwave spreading from far away, even inside this fog.

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