411 Episode 78 - Climax/轉 (3)

During her adventures on the 'Isle of Reincarnators', Jang Ha-Yeong utilised the [Unidentifiable Wall] several times; she used its first-stage function, [Chat System], to engage Constellations in conversation.

- Demon King of Salvation-nim.

- ….Why are you calling me like that?

From a certain moment on, she even got to talk to Kim Dok-Ja as if nothing had happened, too.

For a while there, she oh-so-wanted to deny that 'Demon King of Salvation = Kim Dok-Ja' and ended up having a mental breakdown, but she had no choice but to come to terms with it now.

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The 'Demon King of Salvation' Jang Ha-Yeong liked so much happened to be Kim Dok-Ja, and the dimwit Kim Dok-Ja was none other than the 'Demon King of Salvation'. She barely managed to accept that fact now. Of course, she hadn't 100% accepted it, though.

- I was talking to 'Demon King of Salvation'-nim. So, Kim Dok-Ja should keep his mouth shut.

- …...

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