410 Episode 78 - Climax/轉 (2)

Cheok Jun-Gyeong unsheathed his sword as he stepped forward. His Fables, tempered on the 'Isle of Reincarnators', wrapped around him and rippled about like real muscles.

[Let us get going, small Transcender.]

Kyrgios climbed up on Cheok Jun-Gyeong's shoulder. They once worked together to fight the 'Indescribable Distance' in the past.

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The latter leapt up towards the heavens, and Kyrgios's [Lightning Transformation] danced on his blade next. And as the bright, pure-white electrical current enveloped Cheok Jun-Gyeong's figure, he began glittering like a god of lightning.

[I, Cheok Jun-Gyeong, have been waiting for this day!]

A splendid Status revealed itself.

The enemy that his sword, used to cut apart mountains and the seas, couldn't cut was now right before him.

He trained hard to perfect the incomplete 'Fourth Sword' for this very moment. In order to fight against that sheer, immeasurable emptiness, he spent countless hours creating a sword skill.

And this was the result.

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