405 Episode 77 - Final Dragon (2)

['The 4th Wall' is violently reacting!]

The prior generation's Apocalypse Dragon flew up and generated a storm of Fables. My vision continued to waver precariously as I wobbled about like a scarecrow without a pole to hold me up.

In the blink of an eye, the creature reached high up in the air and screeched out a mighty howl, seemingly killing every other noise existing in the world at the same time. The heads of the Incarnation Bodies exploded, and the Constellations in the battlefield began vomiting out Fables while covering their ears.

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The parts of the sky where the Apocalypse Dragon flew by were torn apart to reveal a jet-black hole.

Other Dragons flying around in sheer confusion ran away in terror, while some of them who didn't know their place rushed in only to become bloody sacks of meat after getting brushed by the Apocalypse Dragon's wings.

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